"Can I tell you I LOVE this shower unit already? I took a shower last night and my hair was like silk, and my hands LOOKED and felt as if I had put hand creme on it. I swim at the Y, and there was no itchy skin for the first time from chlorine in the pool!  This is one great product!!  I have been using a traditional shower filter for over year, and the difference is twofold.  It doesn't offer the kind of cleaning that the structured water unit offers, and I had to pay for a filter every six months with the other unit. 

I have the portable unit, so I know that this structured water really works, but when you use it for the whole body, the difference is really striking, and that is what truly astounds me!  You have to experience it to actually understand how unusual this structured water unit is!"

-- Sandra L.

“Thank you so very much for bringing this extremely important technology to the market place.  I am excited to share my reason for writing this letter of thanks. Our vacant lot by the restaurant is growing 15 ft. sunflowers & a lush vegetable garden since using the Structured Water Unit.”

– Kelly Johnson, Bliss Cafe, Sedona, AZ

“I would like to say thank you for this unit. We bought the under the sink unit and I have never drank so much water in my life. I love drinking water. My hair is better, healthier and so are my nails. My husband no longer feels thirsty all the time and we feel much better. I have told many of my friends and neighbors about our water and we also give them bottles of water to taste. Thank you so much.”

– Roy and Patricia, Colorado Springs, CO

“Since installing a Structured Water Unit in my yard sprinkler system earlier this year, several things have occurred.  I was able to save water by watering less frequently and for shorter lengths of time.  I only fertilized once this past summer, thus I saved on fertilizer expense and the grass is still greener, thicker and plusher than it has ever been at the end of the growing season. I am truly delighted with the Structured Water unit.”

– Bill Chester, Sandy, Utah