I am an Actress, Small Business Owner and all-around busy New Yorker.  Several years ago, I found myself in a frustrating whirlwind of potential Acting work and financial abundance, but I couldn’t quite break the cycle of “No’s”.

After working one on one with Tara and getting in touch with the many benefits of essential oils, my life shifted very rapidly.  In just two sessions, those “No’s” started to become “Yes" and I booked four Acting jobs in a row!  It was really exciting and it was just what I needed to kick start my new bright outlook without the blocks that were holding me back. 

Life still does ebb and flow, but I have not gone back to that same frustration I felt when I first started working with Tara.  Thankfully, Tara guided me to shifting things on my own.  When I feel myself getting stuck, I simply pull out the oils and get to work. 

I am grateful for her never ending support.  If I ever need a little boost, I schedule another session with Tara and raise some more frequencies. 

And…. as an added bonus, after working with Tara on partnership issues, I fell madly in love with my soon to be husband who is my very best friend and, really and truly, the ideal match for me.  I highly recommend this! 

Dina, NY, NY

"Working with Tara was incredibly fulfilling and fun, not to mention useful.  First of all, she really knows her stuff and conveys it with passion, compassion, enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose.  I found her incredibly open and personal, and I loved the way she combined her knowledge of the power of essential oils with other modalities.  It caused me to immediately experience a sense of trust that allowed me to go deep with the work.  I can tell you that since our session, I have found a deeper sense of peace regarding a couple of childhood/past life issues that were troubling me.  I loved the healing work with the oils and my uplifting connection with Tara. She is a blessing and a gem.  You're so fortunate if you get to work with her.  Do whatever you can to make that happen!  Oh, and by the way, one of the first things I noticed the day after working with her was that I was standing taller.  I felt like I had grown a couple of inches!

-- Jill Hendrickson, Transformational Writing Coach and Founder of the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey www.balimagicwritingjourney.com