Sound Bowl Chakra Balancing sessions take place in my healing center in small groups of up to five people.  I am a huge fan of synergy, so I combine my crystal singing bowls (each pitch resonants with a particular chakra) along with essential oils, crystals, sacred geometry and your intentions.

People come prepared with their private list of intentions in the positive and present tense, such as "I am a successful actress" and more, so that we intentionally trigger anything that is blocking that intention from becoming a reality to come to the surface so that it can be healed.  For instance, if that actress unconsciously believes that she is "unworthy of success," that unconscious limiting belief will instantly be triggered because it is not in alignment with "I am a successful actress".   Without going into too much technical explanation, the session will then transform the "triggered" unconscious limiting beliefs and "energetic patterns" that surfaced, so that the client IS resonant with "I am worthy of success" and more.  This shift in resonance opens the door so that the actress is energetically "allowed" to be a successful actress and able to attract other great things into her life, whether it is desire for great health, a loving relationship and/or more.  

For example, in 2009 I discovered via working with my healer that I "held" an unconscious program,  "It is not OK for women to earn more than they need."   Trust me, I was horrified because I consider myself to be a feminist!  However, days after my session where I got resonant with "Its OK and beneficial for women to succeed and earn more than they need,"  I won the Radio City Christmas Spectacular audition.  I never felt SO powerful and confident during an audition.  I was energetically "allowed" to play my best, AND win and it felt amazing!  

Our subconscious is running 97% of the show, and our conscious mind is only 3% of the picture, so when our subconscious and conscious are in alignment -- THAT is when we truly have choice in our lives and THAT is when WE truly are running the show!

The sessions are approximately 1.5 hours and the cost is $20 per person or $15 if a rewards member.