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Private sessions are approximately 1.5 hours long.  Whether you want to be free of your pain, or shift feelings of guilt, or be resonant that success is possible for you, everything in the end is simply a pattern that can be shifted with ease.  It truly is possible.  I facilitate the transformation by using a combination of EFT (emotional freedom technique) which some refer to as "tapping" with essential oils, matrix energetics, and working with our Whole Body Wisdom. This synergy is very powerful as we are working with not only the information that we get as we track the body, but also the divine intelligence of the essential oils, whole body wisdom and more.   This is something that you can learn to do on their own over time so that you are able to be independent with your own transformation/growth/healing.

The exchange is $120 or less if you are a rewards member using essential oils.  To book and purchase now please click on the link below.