Resonance with Self-Worth Circle

  • Enhance Your Frequency 11 North Branch Road Concord, MA, 01742 United States

This circle is all about getting resonant with self-worth and self-value so that we experience being truly valued and appreciated in our daily lives.  What would it feel like if our clients, relationship partners, friends, family members, or our boss truly valued us and all that we have to offer? 

Your relationship with self-worth is directly linked to the quality of your relationships with others as well as prosperity.

All humans have buried emotions or beliefs/patterns/programs that are still very much alive in our bodies.  When we acknowledge them and validate them, we give these emotions and beliefs space to transform into that which serves us.  We will be using essential oils, EFT (tapping/emotional freedom technique) and communication with our whole body wisdom to transform our resonance to what serves us.

Investment in Self = $30 or $20 if a rewards member.  Reserve your spot at