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Healing Circle Resonance with Prosperity

  • Hilltop Cafe 195 Isaac Frye Highway Wilton, NH, 03086 United States (map)

Prosperity is simply a birthright for all humans, yet many of us struggle with achieving success in living our dream job/dream gig/dream goal.  Whether we unconsciously resonant with "not being good enough", or "its not safe or OK for woman to succeed", or "guilt for succeeding when others are in need," we can transform these subconscious beliefs, patterns, and programs that are not serving us into that which does on a cellular level.  Our resonance is running the show in the background and its time for us to be our own "stagehands" and write our own script.

We will transform the priority issue for the group as a whole depending on who is in the circle in a powerful way.  This is something that everyone can learn to do on their own if they choose.

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