Newsletter #55

Open Ended Questions!

I LOVE open ended questions!!!  I honestly didn't even know what an open ended question was until I went to a Matrix Energetics Seminar a couple of years ago.  I can't talk about Matrix Energetics in a newsletter but I can talk about an open ended question.  

Basically, an open ended question is a question that you can't answer -- or better yet -- your left brain can't answer.  Therefore, the question instantly gets sent to your right brain which is AWESOME because your right brain is the land of limitless possibilities and what many call miracles.

You can use them for ANYTHING!  Seriously -- anything from shifting a headache to buying a car to creating a peaceful travel situation.

The catch is that you DON'T want to answer it because answering it would be going back into your left brain which will come up with a limited answer and then create that limited particle reality since you JUST collapsed the wave form with that thought. An open ended question opens up the wave curve so that it can land in a million different places.  Yes, this is definitely bordering on Quantum Physics, but it's all groovy stuff.

I honestly think that I use them several times every day.  It's just part of my vocabulary these days and I know that I HAVE used them in many newsletters before without explaining the real power behind them.

For instance -- if you were to have a headache (or ANY physical condition) you could ask "What would it feel like if my headache had all of it's needs met and all of it's messages to me were heard, acknowledged and validated?"  Do NOT be surprised if your headache goes away!  Here is another example, "What would it look like if I attracted the BEST person to cut my hair and s/he was super creative and had a party with my hair?"  Or here is one of my favorites that I experienced, "What would it look like if this moth (with a torn wing) was taken back in time before it met this cat?" Don't be surprised if it jumps into that paradigm and flies away!  OK, I was surprised when that happened, but my point is that SO much more than we can imagine IS possible!  So don't buy into the many limiting beliefs that are fed to us!

Recently I crossed paths with someone who understandably was experiencing some fear and person X totally started to go down a rabbit hole and create that particle reality.  I immediately saw what the person was in the midst of creating and said something like "why are you jumping to that possibility?  What would it look if yadda yadda yadda?"  Why not create THAT reality?

Less than 24 hours later, I got a text confirming what it DID look like.  Is that cool or cool?

So if you ever feel yourself spiraling down -- just put an open ended question out to the Universe and simply LET IT GO!  It CAN be that simple!

Go play with it and see what happens!!!  And if you want to see some REALLY REALLY cool stuff?  Go to a Matrix Energetics Seminar!  I am going to another one this weekend for 4 days and I am SO EXCITED if I can quote the Pointer Sisters!