Newsletter #56

Breaking Through your Inner Glass Ceilings!

Today's newsletter will be quite different in that I am letting you know that I will be discontinuing my bi-weekly newsletters as I am very busy creating my future 8 week online course, "Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceilings."  

I might send out a random newsletter if I feel inspired to share something, but for now, it will be on hold so I can focus my energy on where I am going with this empowering program.

I technically already started this program with some "beta-testers" so that I can work out the kinks out of town before going to Broadway - ha!  However, if anyone is interested in being a beta-tester -- please let me know and I will give you more details!  The skinny is that you will learn how to transform your unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns and programs so that you ARE resonant for well being in all areas of your life which supports you living at your fullest expression.