Newsletter #54

Say YES to Divine Inspiration!

This month I feel like I have been riding a magic carpet.  I have been connecting with others in my new magical town and one things leads to another and it simply feels awesome and magical.

To give you one idea of what I am talking about, I had someone pick up my former Kangen Shower filter unit via since I no longer needed it.  She was wearing a Sweet Charity sweatshirt and I immediately started singing one of the songs from Sweet Charity.  She was impressed that I knew my Broadway and long story short -- she actually was Charity on Broadway decades ago.  Cool or cool?

She then invited me to attend the local HS production of Mary Poppins and I am telling you, this kid Eli was a triple thread -- amazing actor, dancer and singer!  He could be on Broadway now.  I was totally bitten by the Broadway bug.  I also noticed the orchestra that they had hired, and some musicians were rock solid and magical and well, their cellist was ........well,  I could only think -- they need ME! 

Since I was full of inspiration after watching this show, I was bold and went up to the conductor during intermission and told him that I did Broadway for 20 yrs and that if he could use a cellist in the future I would LOVE to play even though it was no longer my profession.  It turned out that he knew someone that I had done Radio City with and he was in fact on his way to NYC after this show to do a show with him in NYC! You can't make up these "coincidences!"  So he hired me to do a show in April -- YAY!

VERY recently I have been meeting LOTS of beautiful people/spirits in Concord and it keeps leading to more and more connections so this magic carpet ride is still in process and will probably last for many years to come, but it wouldn't have happened if I didn't say YES to attending a social event which brings me to where I am going in this newsletter.

If you are feeling this itch to leave your job so you can follow your heart and do something you truly love, or move to a different home where you can find peace, or you want to attend some program but you have doubts because it's too much money -- follow that divine inspiration that you are feeling in your gut and/or heart.  JUST say YES to it and trust that when you say yes, the magic carpet ride will show up.  It needs a YES from you first!

When we hold ourselves back and say "I don't want to go to that event because I won't know anyone" then you are saying "No Universe -- I don't want your help" and then you miss meeting the AMAZING connections that the Universe had set up for you so your life could be magical and flow with grace and ease and then you lose trust in the Universe because you have no "proof" that magical carpets exist.  

The Universe is always there for us, but yes, we have to do our part and say YES and show up and stop blocking all the magical connections/opportunities that it wants to bring to us.

Had I not had the guts to be bold and go up to the conductor -- I wouldn't be playing this show in April -- and who knows where that will also lead?  What people will I meet in April?

If I didn't attend a Concord social event because I am new in town and don't know anyone -- I would not have met some of the most amazing people in my life.  If I didn't go to a Sacred Breath Circle a year ago when I first moved to MA -- I NEVER would have met so many wonderful people in NH!  

It's like that joke with the person who is stranded at sea and they turn down the help of the helicopter and the Navy and etc all because the Universe is going to save them and the Universe says I sent you a helicopter, I sent you a navy boat etc.......just say YES!  Likewise -- that divine inspiration we feel or fire in our gut/heart is also from the Universe.

So let's intend in this month of Jan 2017 to start saying YES when we feel that "thing" in our heart or gut!  I know fear might come up as well as other emotions but is it really worth letting them block so much good in your life?  Tap and/or oil or breathe them out so that you can say YES with more EASE and experience LOTS of magic carpet rides.  They don't only exist on Broadway in Alladin!  They can be REAL!

Wishing magical carpet rides to all who choose to say YES to them!