Newsletter #53

Laugher Rocks!!!

Happy 2017!!!

Believe it or not -- this newsletter will not be on 2017 intentions!

It's going to be about baby hedgehogs!  Just kidding!

No seriously -- its going to be about kitties peeing in the tub and p%$#@ noses.

OK OK......

Today's newsletter is actually inspired by Denise who I met up here via the breath circles that I attend.  She absolutely makes me laugh SO hard.  I swear the last time I have laughed SO hard was back in the 90's when performed with my piano trio on a supposedly "amazing Steinway piano" which was really a tiny keyboard that went "ting," and every time it went "ting" I couldn't stop laughing!  Ugh -- it was horrible at the time when I couldn't keep it together and be professional, but now it is SOOOOO funny and I have gotten lots of mileage out of it. 

Laughing is SO crazy healthy for you.  It transforms and releases anger, it raises your vibration and someone even told me that they healed their cancer by watching nonstop comedy movies and laughing really hard most of the time.   

The funny thing about Denise is that she is not even trying to be funny but her personality is just SOOOOOO crazy funny.  I honestly think she is the funniest person I know. She makes me laugh crazy hard and I am SOOOO grateful for that gift because that is not something that many people can do.  It's HUGE and I honestly don't even think she knows how powerful her gift is.

So here are some videos that totally made me laugh.  I am not sure why wedding snafus make me laugh so much -- but they do!   

45 sec

1:37 min

I hope these made you laugh like crazy!  I sure did.

If you are feeling down, or feeling stressed -- try some humor to help shift things.