Newsletter #52


I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about today until I received an email from someone who is in a somewhat similar situation as someone else I know.  Both of these people were in situations where they knew they were not being treated as they deserved and it left them feeling horrible and like a victim.  As we all know, anytime someone is feeling like they are a victim, they have given away their power and then of course, they can only be upset with themselves for not standing up for themselves.

So.........bottom line -- this is all about integrity with ourself which is a W I D E topic ranging from honoring our word to ourself and others, speaking our truth rather than what we think others want or need to hear, honesty to ourself and others rather than making up excuses and much more, but we will focus on integrity in not settling for less than we deserve which honestly is connected to not honoring our word to ourself.

Any time we settle for less than we know we deserve out of fear, insecurity or something else, we are no longer in alignment nor integrity with ourself and we create a lack of harmony in our body, disturbing our immune system and more. Energetically, your body has to protect itself from itself (you) since you are not in alignment with yourself and gosh -- I am now wondering spontaneously if THIS is what creates all those auto-immune diseases where the body sees itself as the "invader."   I have no idea, but I feel like I just stumbled onto something huge by accident.  Interesting...........


Also, when we lose our integrity with ourselves by allowing ourselves to settle for less than we are worth we are sending VERY confusing messages to the Universe. How can we desire X and yet behave like Y to ourself and expect X to manifest?

How else can losing integrity with ourselves show up in our lives?  Do you honor your commitments to yourself and others?  Have you taken personal responsibility for your actions or have you created a "story" so that you don't have to see the real truth?    Are you appreciated at your job and paid your worth?  Is your relationship honoring you or suppressing you?  

A lot of people are afraid to stand up for themselves out of fear of  possibly losing their job or their partner or more.  Yes, its possible that your unfair boss my fire you or your partner may not be willing to support you and you might lose your current situation, but I always believe that in the end -- you WIN when you stand up for what you are worth since you will make room for that showing up in your life.  Just my opinion!

So go deep and really see if you are honoring yourself or if you are allowing yourself or others to devalue you in any way.  Stand up, speak up and shift whatever needs to be shifted so that you ARE in alignment and in integrity with yourself.  It might be interesting to see what ELSE shifts after that happens!

So if you are going to kiss a goat -- kiss it like you mean it and be 100% authentic in ALL that you do!  Your chakras will be happy with that combo!