Newsletter #46


Shifting Condemnation to Acceptance !

When we condemn others, that is a form of judgement which actually blocks us from raising our own frequency and it doesn't feel good to the other person which also lowers their vibration.  I would call that a lose-lose situation.  ANY form of judgement places us in a state of psychological reversal which blocks us from being able to make shifts that we choose to make.  For those of us who tap -- THAT is why we do the starter statement on the sore spot or the karate chop point because those two points in Chinese medicine shift that judgmental energy to acceptance.  When we are resonant with acceptance, we are able to shift our "stuff" for the better with ease.

Condemnation/judgement used to be my "biggie!"  I felt SO strong about protecting the environment, animals, my own health and etc.  It truly broke my heart to see others doing things that I could NEVER do.  I honestly still can't comprehend the choices that others make, but I have to simply allow others to make their own choices and hope that I can shift things by example.

And lets face it -- when someone condemns or judges us, it does NOT make us want to hang around that person so it's not helpful to be on any side of it.

A better approach is to be in a state of discernment.  We can acknowledging that others area doing X which does NOT resonant with us and we can simply choose to go another path or to possibly encourage them to path Y in a healthy way.

For instance, I honestly do not like cigarette smoke at all.  That is simply a truth.  It really upsets me when I am forced to breathe toxic air because others choose to smoke.

Back in my "early days" I would go up to people and say "I would really appreciate it if you didn't force me to breathe your cancer smoke" or something to that effect. Clearly, my results with others were NOT so good!  They thought I was a bitch and I didn't like the fact that they were destroying my access to clean air.  Not the highest frequency on the planet for either of us........luckily over time, I came upon a NEW approach!

I remember seeing these two gorgeous teen-age girls committing slow term suicide with their cigarettes which honestly is SO sad to me.  I went over to them and I said something like "I just don't understand -- you are SO beautiful and you have SO much going for you.  You are young and healthy and you can do whatever you want. Why do you choose to hurt yourself?"

Instead of getting mad at me, the one girl was SOOO happy to be called beautiful. She was crazy gorgeous and you would think that she knew it, but she was overjoyed that I referred to her as beautiful.  She started saying how sweet I was and etc and how I made her day.  Long story short, she totally put her cigarette out and trust me -- she was in an empowered state at that moment.  I can't say I had the same effect on her friend, but they both appreciated the beauty comment for sure and we all left being in a higher frequency.  

Another time I came across a guy who I honestly did not remember.  He said something like,  "It's all because of you.  I have been smoke free for six months now, and it never would have happened if you didn't approach me on W84th St." 

He was SO grateful for all I said to him six months ago, and I was SOOOO grateful for his decision which clearly benefits him and all of those around him.  HE ended up making MY day!  

So I wonder how many others that I offended in the past could be smoke free now instead?  It doesn't really matter -- the thing that really counts is that I am much more aware of how to influence others without stepping into the vibration of condemnation.  

I can't say I am perfect on this front and I still "mess up" from time to time, but I have shifted lots from decades ago and I have experienced some awesome results with that shift which TOTALLY enhances my own frequency!

Anyone else have some cool stories?