Newsletter #43

Making Room for the New!

Making Room...

As you all know -- I am in the process of moving to Concord MA and it feels exciting! I am SO wanting to live a simple life where I can go deep, so I have been in preparation/organizing mode for quite a while.  I am letting go of things that I NEVER thought I would ever part with, and it feels great.  For instance -- I am letting go of my Steinway baby grand piano!  (Yes, that was not a typo!)  I LOVE my piano and I loved my former life with her, AND I also LOVE my current life in the healing world.  I have no sadness about letting her go -- she is awesome, she sounds AMAZING and we have lots of great memories that will live forever in my heart.  I want to make room for my new life (energetically and physically) and having a great electric keyboard that never needs to be tuned, that will be totally happy whether the humidity is at 45 or not feels VERY freeing and full of ease.  I also am letting go of my collection of Broadway posters from every show I have ever played since 1994 because they are in my heart as well, and I really don't need them plastered on a secret hidden private wall anymore.  Things that I thought I NEVER would let go of, are being released with ease and it feels awesome!  Living simply is always a GREAT, free feeling! has been very helpful as well!  You can find a happy home for your Sony mini-disk player, cello music, worm farm and more within minutes, and they come to you and pick it up with a huge thank you when I am thinking "thank YOU!"

For the New...

Well, I am sure more "new" will cross my path as my move is complete, but my intention is to create a simple zen like environment in my future home that is as earth friendly as possible (I am going 100% solar off the grid) so that it feels happy and inviting.  Letting go of that oil tank is going to feel GREAT!  Mother Earth agrees as well!  I am looking forward to my new home, new neighbors, new people in my life, new furniture and new beginnings!  Bring it on!

Even if you aren't making a "move" -- we are constantly evolving, changing and growing so just keep an eye out to make sure that your friends are still in alignment with the "new or current" you and that the energy in your home reflects who you are now as environment is huge as our broccoli knows from Newsletter #6!