Newsletter #41

Tribal -- Schmibal!

Today's subject is deeply influenced by a session I did with someone today who was not able to see clearly in one of his eyes.  40% of the vision in that eye was pure blackness.  Doctors are leaning towards surgery, but they can't guarantee him any success.  Being that it was his left eye, I automatically knew that it had to do with generational patterns on his mother's side.  We started out clearing obvious things like it is not OK nor safe to see the truth.  It's not OK nor safe to look at the past, present and future with clarity.  Its too painful to see the truth.  I can't handle seeing the truth.  Etc....Any time there is a fear or safety issue I always like to address the pericardium.  As we were communicating with his pericardium -- lots of tribal rules were coming out of my mouth one after another such as:

1)  It's not safe to see things and have your own perspective -- you will get kicked out of the tribe which could result in starvation, or freezing to death etc..  

2)  The tribe decides what the "truth" is.  

3)  I don't have permission to see differently than the tribe.

ETC......much more came out........

What I clearly remember is that person X went through LOTS of pain in his nose and forehead as these patterns were getting stuck and were not releasing with ease.  His vision actually got worse for a bit.  We supported the pain with more tapping, essential oils, open ended questions, Matrix Energetics, and connection with his Whole Body Wisdom.  Within minutes all the pain was cleared AND his vision was steps better and his right eye was back to normal.

Because tribal issues were a big part of what we cleared today I want to write more about this because LOTS of people are trapped and held back by tribal programs and rules without their awareness.  Caroline Myss actually talks A LOT about this in "Energy Anatomy."

For instance anytime someone forgoes living their passion because they "have to" do what their parents or society says they need to do in order to be respectful  -- THAT is being loyal to a tribal rule/program rather than being loyal to your own heart. Any time someone is concerned with what others think of them -- that is really fear of not being accepted by the tribe as the tribe does NOT like uniqueness.  Only conformity is "safe."  Anytime someone feels that they "have to" do X at this age, and Y at this age -- these are silly tribal rules that are being obeyed either consciously or not.  When one lives their life with the energy of "I have to defend blood no matter what" -- that is a tribal rule/program as they are not defending what is right in their heart.  Religions LOVE to create tribal rules such as "we are the chosen one" or "only we will go to heaven -- others will go to hell."  These are silly tribal programs but because they are so deeply imbedded in our DNA generation after generation -- people buy into them with ease -- many times unconsciously.  EVERYONE is open to seeing the real truth that all humans are ALL from the same source no matter where we are on the planet.  In the big picture of truth -- we are all equal.  It is our CHOICE to stay in the tribe with the limiting rules/programs or not.  So X's eye issue is a huge blessing because it is a sign saying that he is READY to leave the tribe.  His soul WANTS to leave these tribal limitations, he wants to be FREE to live in a much more expanded, healthy, happy, empowered way -- otherwise I believe his eyes would be fine -- that's my perspective.  His eyes are simply saying "Hey, pay attention to me -- I choose to shift now."

When you agree to be a a slave to your tribal programs/rules that you were born into -- you can only heal and transform at the slow rate of the consciousness of your tribe members.  When you give yourself permission to leave the tribe and soar like an eagle over ANY city or sea at YOUR pace  -- THAT is true empowerment and in that space SOOOOOO much is possible because you don't have to wait for others to "get you"  and you DON'T need their permission -- you are free to transform NOW and do as you please!  Bring it on!

Just to clarify -- I am not recommending that people stay away from community.  The first chakra likes community -- it likes a HEALTHY, supportive, loving community that follows the "real rules" such as "I am love and light and its my birthright to be free to be ME."

And hopefully as many of us burst through these human tribal glass ceilings and do things that "aren't possible" and heal things that "aren't possible" -- we will inspire others to break free as well!

What would it LOOK (pun intended) like if we gave ourselves permission to break free from the rules, follow our hearts and live in integrity with ourselves, and stand up for what is RIGHT without feeling apologetic?

I bet the hospitals would have no patients, and I bet the word jail would vanish from the dictionary.

So I invite everyone to bring to awareness any tribal rules they are unconsciously obeying.  The more of us that break free will in time create the 100th monkey effect. AND..... these monkeys will NOT have their eyes, ears or mouths covered.  They will be FREE to see the truth, hear the truth AND speak the truth.  These monkeys will be flying high in JOY!

I, Tara Chambers choose to fly crazy high with the monkeys!  Hey Hey for the Monkeys!