Newsletter #42

Fear or Faith/Trust?

This past week LOTS of "coincidences" regarding others having to make decisions based on fear or faith have showed up around me which totally coincides with all that I am listening to in "Energy Anatomy" by Carolyn Myss.

It's really all about HOW you make that decision rather than what choice you make. For instance, let's pretend that you really want to make decision X rather than decision Y.   Decision X touches your heart and and makes you SO happy, but decision Y feels like the "smart" thing to do because it's "safe" and "secure," and it's also what the masses feel is best for you. 

I see this a lot actually!  People are on a GREAT path and going strong and then all the sudden they choose to revert to a space of lack/fear/doubt saying "I can't afford it" or "I can't do this" even though their heart is screaming YES, go for it!   As soon as they make the choice based on what they perceive as "safety" they just chose to block all the great possibilities that were currently lined up for them, as they just recreated a magnet for the opposite of what they really desire.  Sadly, there is no "security" in making the "secure" decision IF it's not lined up with your heart and passion as well.

In my current divorce, my lawyer would say things to me (because that's her job) like "There is no safety in this.  This could be taken away from you in a second."  

I could have chosen to go down that fear path, but instead I am simply feeling SO strongly that all is SO perfect and I am simply grateful for it all because my marriage got me where I am now even if I thought I would NEVER leave NYC at the time, so I am just not worried about it at all.  I simply said "If that were to happen, then I would be curious as to what the even better situation for me would be.  Just let me know when I can sign the papers."

Her response was "got it" and she also said that this was the easiest divorce she ever did in her life.

So being that I just closed on my new home which I LOVE on the 15th, I was blown away by how I have the GREATEST neighbors!  I first met Chris who lives on the cul de sac with me as I drove into my driveway for the first time, and he said something like "You must be my new neighbor.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  We have a GREAT street that we live on.  Everyone knows each other and everyone is so supportive to each other.  If you ever need anything, just knock on my door."  He also told me that since I live in front of a river with strict conservation rules that if I let the grass grow wild I will need to keep all the land wild due to their rules.  

As a result, I was planning on bringing my electric lawn mower soon so I can access the river with ease.  On the 16th I looked out the window and some guy was mowing the lawn for me to my surprise.  I went down to introduce myself and said "Hi, you must be my neighbor?"  He said something like "Yes, my name is Jerry and I thought I would help you out by mowing your lawn for you."

Seriously?  These are just simple examples to how the world can respond to us depending on what space/frequency we are vibrating.  

My main point is that there are NO wrong decisions!  It's all perfect -- it's simply a matter of really being conscious of what is motivating your decision.  Is the motivation behind it excitement and happiness or is it fear, lack, or worry because it's the energy behind your choices that determine the quality of your choice more so than the choice itself. 

To quote Carolyn Myss, she said something like "When you say 'I have no idea why I chose this,' you are trusting your gut instinct and the better it's going to work out because you are motivated by faith and guidance."

I can say that when I made decisions where I followed my heart and others thought I was crazy and "had no fear" as Bob always tells me  -- THAT is when all the magic happens and things always fall on my lap with ease and grace!

So go "inner" and see what is really motivating you.  Is it love or fear based?  YOU get to CHOOSE!