Newsletter #39

Get Out the Pen!

Today's newsletter is inspired by both Teal Swan's video that she emailed today called "how to use your intuition" as well as a friend of mine, Tera, who told me that she is able to simply ask the Universe questions and allow her pen to create wisdom on the page.  When Tera read me her questions that she had written down followed by the answers that she also wrote -- all I can say is WOW.  It was as if some 100 yr old guru in amazing health with all the answers to life wrote it down for her.  I was so impressed and suggested that she turn this collection of gold/wisdom into a book.

I decided to "copy" her, and write down questions to the Universe and just allow my hand to write whatever it writes.  Some days feel more powerful than others, but it IS amazing and you will be surprised what shows up.  I invite Fields 101 and 105 and use Sacred Frankincense oil to support this process, but you don't have to use these tools.  You can simply be quiet, go within, allow and receive..........Using your non-dominant hand may be more powerful even if looks sloppy as it gets you out of your head!  Some people can refer to this as channeling from the Universe or Teal Swan in her video talks about asking yourself questions to access what your inner voice is saying.  


Inner Voice, Higher Self, Connecting to Source.............they all mush into one fancy soup called "the same thing" to me.  (I'm not  sure if that is accurate or not, but they at least all blend into each other on some level!)  For instance, when I write down a question and allow my pen to write freely, I honestly can't tell you if I am receiving info from my higher self or guides,  channeling from Source or just making it up (never the case actually), BUT it really doesn't matter where the wisdom comes from, and we honestly don't really need to know.  

And the cool thing is -- you can't mess up!  Just go for it, and if nothing happens -- who loss......and if suddenly one day all these thoughts come flooding into your pen........sweet.  All I can say is that I DO truly believe that the more you do this, the more you open up your intuition and connection to your inner self and there is REAL power there!  So........give it a shot!  I can say that it has TOTALLY gotten me inspired and excited at times as I can start to see things from a perspective that I wasn't seeing before I got out the pen, and who doesn't want more clarity, inspiration or excitement?

If you want to check out Teal Swans video called how to use your intuition, here it is: