Newsletter #40


I have to say that I am LOVING it up here in New England even though 3 yrs ago I NEVER would have guessed that I would be up here.  I magically came across someone who I will call "S" and I feel like she is a new soul sister of mine as we totally speak the same language.  I LOVE meeting people from my soul pod up here!  

She introduced me to the movie Thrive via this link  I watched it that night and I LOVED it.  I really want the whole world to see it because it shows the REAL truth.  There ARE other possibilities for us, we ARE powerful even if there is "stuff" going on AND there IS power in knowing the real truth even if many don't want to see the real truth. (Now, I know we can always question the word "truth" based on the perspective that we are only seeing 3% of the truth in the 3rd dimension so...........I am referring to the truth within the 3%.)  

The narrator in THRIVE says that too many things were not lining up in his research to discover why the planet/humanity was not thriving as there is lots of suffering, and struggle that people are experiencing.  Clearly he was not one of those who was willing to say "OK, I believe whatever you tell me."  He said that in order to find the real truth he had to follow the money.  While it can be depressing to see the corruption, lack in integrity and authenticity in our government or banking system, the part that he wants us to focus on is that we hold SOOOO much more light in our sheer volume.   While the small percentage of people with power are not doing great things with that power, we DO have a much stronger force called light and empowerment which comes from love/command rather than fear and force.  I guess that takes us back to the dismantling of Darth Vader in Star Wars!  

I will let the movie speak for itself, but I will also say that it is also up to us to do our part (raise our frequency, consciousness etc) so that we support the creation of this utopia world of free sustainable energy, peace, integrity that this movie wants us to THRIVE in.   It IS possible and it is also choice of the mass consciousness.  As a matter of fact "S" also referred me to the Telos books (I am on the 2nd one now), and it has a similar message and it says that while there are lots of people striving to raise their vibration which is necessary to receive this upcoming 5th dimension, there is also a lot of complacency which is not helping things change for the better.  So we CAN do things to support Earth such as respecting her trees, water, oil, animals as well as ourselves and others.  (We need to first start with ourselves!)  Telos tells us how the trees are Earth's lungs, oil is her blood, and more and when we don't respect her -- she is forced to lash out with weather conditions to balance out her own energy.  If people don't respect our own lungs and bodies -- how are we supposed to have global respect the trees and more?  Hint hint.............

I HIGHLY recommend the Telos books and TOTALLY appreciate the awareness these books are bringing to the planet so please help me spread the word!