Newsletter #37


Surrendering to the Wind!

Recently I found myself in an unexpected situation which totally took me by surprise. While I felt shocked about the event, I also was "OK" and instantly realized that the most healthy and empowering place I can be is simply in a space of surrender.  I can do what I can do, let it go, and simply allow all to be as it is, and see where things land.  

I have to say that all the work that I am now doing totally allows me to connect to this space WAY more than I would have been able to do decades ago.  So that in and of itself feels like an empowering place to be.  I remember doing my circle in New Hampshire 24 hours after the shock and I felt SO empowered, SO clear, SO OK with it all, and so in love with my "new -- well not so new anymore" gig.  I was just in a space of trusting the Universe, feeling great, and knowing it will all work out for my highest good no matter which way the wind travels.  


On the HuffPost Healthy Living Blog I found an article called the Art of Surrender from Sept 2014.  It says........

"In his famous Yoga Sutra, Patanjali went so far as to describe surrender as the passport to Samadhi, or self-realization. But what exactly do we mean by surrender of this kind? For starters, true surrender is never to another person and always to that larger force that is coursing through us, call it God, Holy Spirit, the Tao, Shakti, Divine Will or, even, cosmic intention. In the act of surrender, we become aware of this power, accept and defer to it. As this sensitivity to spirit increases, we come to know — intuitively — how to harmonize with the energies at play in any given situation. We learn to advance when doors are open and to pause when they are closed, moving with rather than against these forces. Such surrender has nothing to do with waving a white flag, collapsing into complacency, or ceasing to make the world a better place. It is necessary to fight, resist, and express outrage at times, of course, when such action is called for. But surrender means relaxing our fixed agendas, and unclenching our fists, so that we can respond to what is unfolding in a humble rather than controlling way."

"This surrender to our own limitations relieves us of an enormous burden. We are dancers in the dance, after all, but not the orchestra, players but not the playwright. With surrender, we can be deeply engaged, dedicated to social service and justice, putting in enormous effort while maintaining equanimity and openness (knowing that the outcomes are not in our hands). We can be surrendered activists, surrendered teachers, surrendered visionaries, and so on, working to improve the world while knowing we’re part of a larger body whose welfare we cannot insure."

I don't think I can top that so..........just inviting you to be curious about surrendering any parts of your lives that are beyond your control!