Newsletter #38

Falling Building Blocks!

A week or so ago I was in a group breath circle in my healing center and while every breath session is totally unique, overall they have somewhat of a spiritual journey vibe to them.  I think it was towards the end of the group session where I suddenly heard a crashing sound of a bunch of building blocks.  It was so intense and I knew that there were no blocks in the room so I said out loud something like "did any one else hear those blocks fall down?"  I was wondering if I heard something in a 6th sense way as I did months ago while working on someone via Skype as I seriously thought a water pipe broke and that her apt was being flooded as I heard this racing, crashing water so suddenly. (Now I know that was letting me know that the emotional floodgates had been opened).  Lisa, who was facilitating the circle said "no, there was no falling blocks sound."  So then, I knew it wasn't part of the music and that it was for me to hear.  Once that awareness took place, it all made sense.  Before we did the breath circle I had set the stage in the way that I do, and I had led some communication to our pericardium (heart protector) basically validating all that it had been though and also giving it permission to release some of the walls that it had built up to protect itself IF it chose to do so.  I instantly realized that what I heard was telling me that I had released pieces of the wall that my heart protector had created to protect itself from the world.  How cool!  Of course, I didn't trust myself 100% until I had it confirmed with Jill, my "healer"/teacher who works with my whole body wisdom.  She received more information that since I now have a close, supportive relationship with my pericardium that my pericardium feels safe releasing the wall that was built over my life or lives and that I can now allow emotions to come in and flow through me in a healthy way.  How cool is that?  For instance -- its always healthy to feel anger and more as long as it flows and is processed -- its only unhealthy if it gets stuck and buried in the body.

The issues that build up walls in our pericardium (heart protector in Chinese Medicine) are issues of safety, heart-break, being hurt, being devalued and feeling unworthy, unimportant etc......These are all human emotions that all humans feel sometime between in utero and death (and more if you believe in that!)  For instance, some people get stuck when doing healing work because its not safe for them to "go there."  While it can appear to be "hard" to break through this wall -- it CAN be easy to shift when you talk to your pericardium (geranium oil is HUGELY beneficial for this) and validate all the scary, hurtful things it has experienced.  Your 3 year old self and more that are in that pericardium wall finally feel heard, respected, cared for, loved with compassion etc.....and when you give your pericardium permission to stay where it is and you DON'T force it to shift or heal -- THAT creates an opening for your pericardium to trust you that its safe for it to release the wall. You can tell your pericardium that you are no longer a child with no choice and that you promise to only put yourself in supportive environments, and that you now have discernment which you didn't have as a kid and etc......Just follow your heart as your own words are way more powerful than mine for you.  As touch is very healing -- placing your hand on your heart chakra or heart can only support this feeling of love, compassion, acceptance and safety even more so.

As there are many ways to transform you can also tap out the wall surrounding your pericardium with EFT if you know how to do that.  You can have that as an intention before a breath session (which is apparently what happened to me after talking to my pericardium before the breath work) and more.

Give it a try!  Keep it simple and yes, a simple conversation with heart felt love and compassion is HUGE in and of itself!

While our heart wants to play it safe with this wall, it also blocks lots of great things and opportunities coming into our life so.......there are lots of advantages to releasing this energetic wall!