Newsletter #35

Ritual of Empowerment!

Yesterday I updated my morning ritual and it felt AWESOME and exciting to have a "new" ritual.  It totally put me in such a super charged space for the rest of my day as it totally gave me some clarity on "stuff" which felt awesome to have.

I am still starting off my day listening to my "morning restore light language" while still in bed, but one of my "new" things that I added so that I really commit to developing this "muscle" is writing down a question to the Universe, and simply allowing info to come from my pen to the paper.  My friend has been able to get HUGE crazy amounts of wisdom and insight doing this, and she has been doing it ever since she was a kid which I think is awesome.

Today's Q and A wasn't as mind blowing as yesterday's, but when its magical -- it lasts for a whole week I am sure.  It just made me feel so empowered to get HUGE clarity that I don't think I would have received if I was in my left brain!  

Another thing that I now do is to "clear" myself (if needed) with an oil and EFT so that I set forth a great energy for the rest of the day.  Honestly, its so easy to ignore "those little things" that are bothering you, but we all know that they add up over time so if the smallest, tiniest thing is on my mind and its not serving me, I rather tap on it than bury it.   Its definitely much easier to let go of things when they are small then added up over the years.  And, I am SURE that I get a much different result doing my channeled Q and A AFTER doing my EFT even if I am only tapping on a "small" thing.

After my light language, my ritual is a mix of bouncing on my cellerciser, meditation and of course,  I add in my essential oils and some Matrix frequencies and fields into the mix.  I simply love it!

So whatever the magical and exciting recipe is for you whether that is starting with 20 push ups (not for me), a morning smoothie, or stating your gratitude list out loud while in the shower -- just do it -- its awesome and EVERYONE surrounding you benefits from it, but of course -- you benefit the most from it.