Newsletter #34

Going Crazy!

The past three days I have been trying to figure out how to create a webinar so that I can do my healing circles no matter where I am, and people can attend my circles no matter where they are.  I have tried SO many platforms and I have done so many test trials where something works, but something else doesn't, and I can't seem to get everything to work perfectly all at once.  I have spent SOOOO many hours trying to figure this out that I literally feel like I am going crazy!  UGH!

This totally reminds me of when I was trying to figure out how to create exactly a year ago.  Wordpress was highly recommended, so I started there and OMG -- it was insane if you know nothing about creating a website!  It was a completely new language and it was all Greek to me!  Sadly, there was nothing big and fat about my Wordpress experience, so I left Wordpress and tried Squarespace as my friend Suzanne had recommended it to me. While it was still totally new to me -- they spoke English AND answered my questions via email to the point where I was actually able to get my website up an running.  OMG -- it felt SO great to be able to create a website on my own.  And then once I understood how Squarespace worked, I finally was able to figure out Mailchimp since they used the same format.  (More relief!)

As I am still currently in the middle of my "I have no idea how to do this webinar thing," I have decided to totally be OK with that.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I will be able to get phone support on a Monday and someone will walk me through it with EASE!  Yes, I am envisioning ease and a simple fix!  And as Marie Forleo's mother always says "Everything IS Figureoutable" so........its all gonna be fine!  And in time this is going to feel just as easy as playing a Lalo concerto, and I am going to be able to create as many webinars with ease as I want and all of this "I feel like I am going crazy" stuff will be old news. 

Now I am noticing how I wish there were other aspects of my life where it would be awesome if I could be more in that space of "its totally fine -- it is what it is, and its all gonna work out for my highest good."  So to steal a bit from Matrix Energetics, here is a nice open ended question for myself (and however many others want to join in)......."What would it look like if I remained in a space of "all is well" at all times?" Just putting that out to the Field...................

Because I bet the resolution will come back with WAY more ease if I am vibrating in that wave space of MANY possibilities rather than the particle space of "I am going crazy."

I have also noticed that when certain things in my webinar tests didn't work as I had anticipated they would, I kept changing my ideas about how I wanted to do them so..........I am expecting something GREAT will come out of this that will be much better than had all gone easy and smooth!  Time will tell!

Feel free to forward this to others who may benefit from it!
Thanks, and wishing you all groovy high frequencies!