Newsletter #32


Days ago I came across someone who told me about  I honestly had no idea what it was. was created by a bunch of dudes from Yale who understood the power of accountability and consequence.

For instance, people are usually all excited to create their 2016 intentions in January and then February gets here and its like "what intention?"  People have great ideas of what they want to do, but they tend to procrastinate and/or have an excuse for not sticking to it.  When we don't honor our word in this way, it actually creates a draining weight on our shoulders which is not lifting our frequency at all. It also creates a pattern of not sticking to our dreams/intentions/goals if we don't shift gears soon. This is one of the reasons why I always write down something like "exercise 3 or more times a week" rather than "exercise 6 times a week".  If I were to exercise 4 times within the context of "3 times or more," I create a light uplifting energy of accomplishment, success, happiness, honoring my word etc.....which leads to more success in the future.  If I were to exercise 4 times within the context of "6 times per week," I just created an energy of failure, not honoring my word, and I would be setting the stage for not believing in myself which clearly would not serve me.  Not honoring our goals/intentions basically brings us down energetically and physically as it is not supportive to our immune system.

The true power of consequence.............For instance if you drive through a red light, the consequence we consciously choose to honor the red light and stay in place or if in NYC we choose to stay OFF the subway tracks while waiting for the 1 train!  If we are in school and we don't study for the test, the consequence is that we might not graduate which would kind of suck, so we choose to study and be prepared. knows that if people have a consequence of either reward or pain they are more likely to succeed in their endeavor.  I honestly prefer to lean towards "reward" such as I get to treat myself to watching my favorite TV show on netflix after I accomplish something, but on they actually say that pain is the best motivator which ironically is how the Universe seems to work as we mentioned in the previous newsletter.  

Therefore on you can create any goal/intention that you choose with any timeline of your choice.  You can also create a painful consequence to be your motivator if you want.  You can give them your credit card # and offer your money to a charity that you do NOT resonate with.  For instance I could choose to give the Trump campaign $50 if I don't stick to my goal.  (OMG there is NO WAY that Trump is going to get 1 cent from me and THAT is the energy that encourages you to stick to your goals!) You can also choose to give your money to a friend as well.  Clearly that doesn't have the same charge on me that Trump does, but you are free to do whatever you please.......including having no consequence.  HOWEVER, they will let you know that people are three times more likely to be successful in their goal if there is a painful consequence.

Now to clear myself from the word pain -- the whole point of this newsletter is to motivate you to reaching your dreams and goals so that you feel GREAT and excited after succeeding in all that you want to do in your amazing life.  So go for it and create the high frequency of joy, accomplishment, success, "I did it", which comes along with succeeding in your dreams/intentions/goals!

Go ahead and start creating milestones here: