Newsletter #33

Trusting in Ourselves!

I recently met an awesome person who I totally adore.  She mentioned that she was on a journey of letting go of needing others to validate that she was "doing it right" and moving into a space of trusting herself and just knowing in her heart.  (You go girl!)

On a recent phone call and she was saying "you always are told that you can't do too much at one time and that you need to stick to one thing and be an expert at that one thing."  I had to TOTALLY disagree with what these others had told her, and I also had to admit that I had heard plenty of the same nonsense such as:  "You can't play too many instruments, you can't study too many healing modalities, you can't play cello and be onstage singing in a Broadway show." (Thanks to Local 802 for that one!)

While there IS truth in that statement in that it can be great to focus on x before moving to y, this is NOT a truth written in stone and on some levels it is a limiting belief!  Marie Forleo talks about all the roadblocks she came up against in her journey and she said something to the effect of "ya know -- I am multi-talented and I am going to do it all and do it all really well."  So while SO she was in her 20's I believe, she was a successful published author, on MTV, she was a Nike sponsor and successfully created hip-hop and other dance videos, she was a life coach, and now she is making 8 digits a year with her online business.  She would have been filled with regret if she didn't honor all her passions, talents and dreams and she is an expert in MANY things!


As for me, being a cellist and pianist was HUGELY beneficial in my career.  (Actually, I was originally accepted to college on violin!)  I LOVED the balance and variety of performing on cello and teaching piano.  They complemented each other greatly, AND it totally helped pay the rent -- that is for sure!  

In my current career I LOVE learning LOTS of healing techniques/modalities because they ALL have a beautiful synergy with each other and the synergy is WAY more powerful than my using only one at a time.  It makes me feel more complete and whole in the work that I do.  Now for someone else -- focusing on one modality might be best for them.  We are ALL totally unique and individual so there are no "rules" aside from trusting yourself and not caring what others think or say!!!  

Look at Seth Rudetsky who I only knew at first as a guy I played "Phantom of the Opera" with.  Had he stuck to being a pianist, he would not have written his Broadway show "Disaster" which is currently on Broadway and guess what?  He is acting and singing in it, and he is damn good and CRAZY HAPPY.  Oh, and he is also the speaker on Syrius's Broadway channel so I guess he is a professional speaker too!  Get my point????  It is TOTALLY possible to be an expert at many things if you feel crazy passionate about it!

All I can say is that I have NO regret doing MANY awesome things, and I have also had times where I felt like I was riding too many horses soooooo -- tune in to yourself and keep what you love and let go of what brings no joy.