Newsletter #31

The Red Double Decker Bus!

I know Tuesday night is not the normal Sunday, but here I am, as I was attending a Matrix Energetics seminar from Friday PM to Monday PM!  

Melissa, who is one of the ME teachers told us all about her bus incident, and since I know someone who recently got hit by a van, I figured I would forward her story along.   Its nothing new......... just another example of how this magical Universe works.

Once upon a time, Melissa had her heart set on helping the world by bringing lots of "great" drugs to the market.  She truly thought she was doing a "good" thing working in this pharmaceutical field, until she learned that what she thought and what was reality were two totally different things.  It all began during a clinical trial study where lots of people suffered tremendously from taking the drug being studied.  This information would have interfered with the FDA approving the drug so "the men in black" as she said, came in and destroyed all the evidence so that the FDA would approve the drug.

Melissa was truly upset to witness this unethical reality, yet she felt trapped because she had already invested 15 years working in this field and she was very successful at what she did.  

Over time, Melissa got a disease as she wasn't being authentic with her heart. Her inner conflict could have been her first wake up call, but it was ignored so the Universe found a bigger wake up call of her which was a disease.  This wake up call sign was ignored as well, so the Universe cast the red double decker bus to be "wake up call #3"

Melissa had an event at the Tower Of London regarding the approval of this drug, and when crossing the street, she looked the American direction rather than the British direction and didn't see the big red double decker bus until it hit her and tossed her 60 feet away from where she was.  Holy Wake-Up call!

She instantly knew that this was the WAKE UP CALL loud and clear signaling her to do what was in alignment with her heart.  She got it, and instantly left her job and her disease soon vanished as it was no longer needed to wake her up anymore. 

Melissa is now SO grateful to this bus for giving her the strength to quit her job.  She is thrilled to be doing something that she truly knows is serving the planet and it simply feels GREAT!

People in the audience were saying "I wanna bus!"  I would never wish for anyone to get hit by a bus or car, but I do invite people to courageously speak their mind and be in alignment with their heart!

Let's hear it for listening to one simple easy wake up call.  We don't really need to get hit by an English bus in order to get it!!!