Newsletter #51

Sarcasm in not cool.

This newsletter is the final newsletter on the seven deadly poisons (complaining, condemnation, criticism, revenge, resistance, resentment and lastly sarcasm).

Sarcasm is clearly not genuine nor loving and caring, yet actually sarcasm can be quite authentic in that many times people are expressing the truth that they feel they can't express unless disguised as a joke.  We honestly must be quite removed from our heart center in order to be sarcastic with a not so beautiful tone or intention. There can be LOTS of emotions underneath sarcasm such as resentment, anger and more.  Kim Giles says that those who use sarcasm are either afraid that they aren't good enough, or they are afraid they are going to lose something.  John Haiman says “Sarcasm is a survival technique for the insecure."

Bottom line sarcasm is a low frequency way to communicate with another and it sure can kill any type of relationship as it has such a toxic vibration.


If you are experiencing sarcasm, the best thing to do to shift their energy is to say something like "what happened to you to cause you to speak that way?"  You have suddenly taken the "power" away from their sarcastic joke or insecurity boost or you may actually get them to speak the REAL truth in a mature way rather than disguised in a joke.

Hopefully this will transform things to REAL heart felt communication between the two of you or perhaps it will create an opening for the person to express their hurt or unmet childhood needs in a healthy way.  Now if you catch yourself being sarcastic, notice what is really going on beneath the sarcasm.  Tap, breathe, essential oil it or dance all the root causes out so that you can be the divine being that you truly are AND create beautiful, supportive, harmonious relationships with others.