Newsletter #48

External or Internal?

I want to take a break from my "7 poisons" that I have been working on as I had a beautiful experience with someone recently, and I would love to share that with you all.

Person X had heel pain for three months after walking on a beach and stepping on a seashell.  For whatever reason, X's body was resistant to healing X's "heal" or heel if we want to spell it correctly.  This light bulb went off for both of us at the same time as I was working with X's Whole Body Wisdom asking it to find the root causes that were preventing X's heel from healing.  

X immediately said something like "Maybe that's the message -- I need a lot of healing?"  We tapped on that insight via EFT and after a couple of rounds, X was trying to find the spot that was so painful before.  How cool is that?  X ended up finding a new spot that had some tenderness to it, but there was clearly a huge shift just with that one awareness.

Many people sadly see the Universe as totally random and would think that the pain only had to do with the damage that the shell inflicted upon X's heel.  Many will simply see it as an external force that sadly got in the way with X's heel during a nice time at the beach.   But clearly, if that is true, then X's heel pain wouldn't have gone away after X gained awareness of that message.  So in truth -- it seems safe to say that the Universe gave X that shell and heel pain as a gift and X finally unwrapped the gift as soon as X was going deep with it.

I wanted to take it even deeper because I was sure that there was more than one aspect to this situation.  So I said "OK -- you are walking along the beach and suddenly you step on a shell."  Instantly, X says "OMG, I am always having to walk on egg shells so that I don't ruffle other people's feathers."

Awesome!  Another piece of the wisdom puzzle.  Clearly, this is an issue of fear and having to play it small and safe.  Once again, we did our thing and the pain went down again. There could be MANY gifts/messages/opportunities connected with this "external" shell who inflicted pain upon my "innocent" friend.  We could transform the unconscious belief of "I am a victim" or "I have to punish myself for taking a day off" or "it's not OK to put myself first or take time for myself."  We could go a million places with this experience and go crazy deep with it, which I am sure X's heel, body and soul will love.  

We all picked up SO much ^%$# in our lives which is still alive in us on a cellular level (until we transform it), and this beautiful shell is simply a gift/reminder that we don't need to buy into these beliefs and programs and we CAN "heel" ourselves of these patterns that only limit our magnificence that we all have.

So for those of you who feel like you can't read the messages that the Universe is constantly giving us.  Try to see if there are any metaphors showing up in your life such as this story contains.  The Universe LOVES to play with metaphors!  Sign me up for metaphors!