Newsletter #28

Happy Puking to Me!

Well, it all began on January 1!  I had a fun New Year's Eve vision board party the night prior, and I met my high school friend down in the village for lunch the next day and ........I guess the title explains the rest.  LOTS of puking that evening......the living room, the kitchen sink, and twice during the night in my bedroom.  It was definitely NOT a fun way to start the year YET as always -- there are great things that come along with "unfun" things!

As I had my "Jill session" with my healer and teacher, my whole body wisdom expressed to her that the food poisoning was indeed from the Iunch I ate, AND there were also energetic causes such as me not being able to swallow/digest X Y and Z in my life.  Apparently, in that lunch I ate the stomach flu virus which would not have happened if they were more sanitary in the kitchen.  AND at the same time,  if I was able to swallow/digest X Y and Z, I would have been able to create enough stomach acid to kill off the flu virus.  As a result of the present conditions,  I had a couple of crappy days AND I totally got the opportunity to clear out some of my "stuff" that was toxic to me, so thank you unsanitary chef for that opportunity even if I couldn't have said that on Jan 1 or 2 when I felt like &^%$!

It's quite interesting because I have noticed that when I do healing work on others, Y will show up wanting attention soon after we clear X, so I am not sure if my vision board which was about field 124 (global harmony and unity) caused me to puke out anything that was not resonate with my vision board, OR if my higher self simply was like "2016 is a NEW year and it is simply time to clear out the hairballs from the previous years" if I can steal the hairball analogy from the cartoon above.  

Whatever it is -- it doesn't really matter -- all that matters is that releasing hairballs is GREAT for me, even if it totally sucked at the time.  

While I am NOT suggesting that you try to get food poisoned or catch the flu so that you can have a "powerful dehairballing" experience, I AM asking you to think about what your intentions are for this year, and what you might need to let go of in order for your dreams and intentions to thrive and flourish!

Happy PEACEFUL DeHairballing to all (as I wouldn't wish my way of doing it on others!)