Newsletter #29

Worms Rock!

As you know, I aim to live as sustainably and earth friendly as possible so I have my dear worms who eat and digest my organic veggie scraps, junk mail, and newspapers.  Not only do they eliminate trash for me, BUT they also convert it into an awesome, super high quality "fertilizer" soil which I use in my veggie garden and houseplants. It simply amazes me how my worm trays start out with kale stems, banana and avocado peels, paper and much more, and then over time it turns into super healthy soil like magic.

Today was "harvesting day," and I was harvesting the soil from my bottom tray (I have 3 total going on now).  I placed my top feeding tray on the floor and it was TOTALLY full of newspaper and food scraps from last week, yet if you dig down you can see that there are lots of worms eating away.  My middle processing tray had lots of worms on top yet you can still see paper that needs to be converted into soil or shall I say worm poop -- I mean lets call it what it really is!  My bottom harvesting tray is about 85% complete which is fine because I will harvest all the soil I can and then place the undigested parts back into the feeding tray so that those organisms can support the digestion of the veggies and more since the worms can't do it all by themselves.

When I first saw my bottom harvesting tray there were worms on the top which makes sense because the worms travel up to the other trays where there is much more food.  HOWEVER, it kind of sucks because who wants to pick soil out amongst thousands of worms (yes, I do have thousands).  So, what we "wormers" do, is we stack the top trays on the bottom and place the harvesting tray on the top and we put the light on the worms and let me tell you -- within minutes -- they go DOWN DOWN DOWN away from the light into the top feeding tray making it very easy to harvest worm free.

Now, my guess is that I could have tried talking to them to convince them that there is way more food down below in another tray, yet I doubt I would have had success within minutes.  So, as I put the lights on,  they feel it as discomfort or pain and they quickly move their butts into the feeding tray.  YAY!

It TOTALLY reminded me of how we humans play that same game ALL the time! Humans can get SO comfortable in what they know no matter how miserable things can get.  They simply and foolishly choose to stay where they are even if there is little food in the environment, while paradise is simply one tray away with an open door AND a free meal ticket.  

Fear and doubt are also huge reasons why people veer away from change no matter how great that change can be for them.  We have ALL been there, and suddenly when we feel pain whether that is having your apt broken into which "forces" you you to buy a much better apt that you thought was impossible to buy, or your alcoholic neighbor tries to hit you while drunk which forces you to move into a more beautiful building with GREAT neighbors (I have experienced them both) -- that "pain" actually gets out butts moving into the tray with all the food!  So while we can always be grateful to the Universe for giving us those wake up calls where we do first experience "pain" -- what would it look like IF we simply leaned into what makes us happy, and what we feel most passionate about?  I wonder if we can experience the "blessing in disguise" without the disguise or a blast of light according to my worms?????

Just a curious thought................because while I WILL take the light ANY day even if my worms do run away from it, I rather let go of the blessing in disguise IF I can get the blessing via grace, finesse and ease!  I DO believe that it is possible!

Here's to veering to all that brings us joy on our own without the outside push OR less outside pushes as we tend to shift step by step!