Newsletter #20

Impossible really means I'm possible!

As many of you know, I moved to MA this past May!  Bob recently said, "Right after you moved here -- so many people are moving out."  (The Catholic school and the retirement home for nuns down the street just announced they are closing.  I have new neighbors across the street and new neighbors next door who just moved in days ago).  Bob said, "You must be shifting the frequency of the hood."  It then made me realize that the SAME thing happened to me when I moved to W86th St in NYC back in 2008.  

There is actually a part in the "The Secret" where Bill Harris is talking about a guy who hated his job as one co-worker was so horrible to him.  Long story short, he shifted his frequency and his thoughts to that which served him and suddenly he was no longer a vibrational match to the "jerk" he worked with.  The "jerk" soon left the office he worked in and life was good!

Back to me in 2008 -- I was moving out of a building with some toxic, smokey, alcoholic and mental unhealthy neighbors (clearly I was the one to leave here).  I planted my intention seed with the Universe and thanked it (emotionally and visually as if it already happened) for the beautiful, spacious apartment near Central Park with happy, healthy (nonsmokers), neighbors who would actually appreciate hearing the music coming from my apartment.  

After months (longer than I thought but a blessing in disquise as the rent went down over time due to the crash) I signed the lease for my new apt on W86th!  It was perfect!  It was beautiful, spacious (for NYC standards), footsteps away from Central Park on the west side, and I was in total paradise!  My next door neighbor was sweet and loved classical music, the woman across the hall from me was TOTALLY into the arts and she loved living near a professional musician, the shrink who rented an office down the hall played cello herself and I had the BEST neighbors.  YAY!  Then one day I got off the elevator and I smelled smoke. WHAT???? I was kind of startled because smoke was not part of my dream living environment.  Hmmm.........It turned out that the woman living in the apartment behind me smoked as did the couple next to her. At any rate, I was happy that the smoke was not constant and that so much else was great, and I let it go that it wasn't 100% perfect.  

Within a month things shifted FAST!  Sadly, the woman behind me died of a drug overdose and the building paid the smokey couple next to her to move to a different floor so that they could combine the two apartments together to get a nice price for it. The family of four who moved in months later had a son who played cello!  DANG, that was "perfect"!  Then a year later they wanted to adopt more kids so they moved to an even bigger apartment and another family of four moved in and their son played cello!  HOLY DANG!  Seriously -- what are the odds of this????  Even better is that while the parents were not musicians at all -- they LOVED the "free concerts" and would even buy recordings of what they heard me play!!  So this was even better than the former "perfect".  

Most people would have said it would have been impossible to create that reality, but clearly it happened and was possible!

Now I just want to clarify that while everything IS possible at its core -- it is also true that you have to be resonant on a cellular level for x y and z to occur!  So if you feel you are not resonant that it really can be that easy -- start with small things and work your way up!  It can't hurt to be reminded of my "I wonder how......" newsletter which is on my blog.

Everything IS possible!!!