Newsletter #19

Feelings and the Quantum World!

Last week I was listening to a Gregg Braden CD as I was cleaning the kitchen and while he mentioned a gazillion things I want to focus on the power of feelings we go!

He was talking about how empowered we really are if we simply used the power of our feelings and belief in a way that serves us and the entire world.  We are constantly creating life enhancing chemistry in our bodies or vice versa with every feeling that we have, and that chemistry in our body produces quantum effects in the world.  I am NOT suggesting that we bury our feelings, but rather truly feel them and then shift them to what does serve us as we do have choice in how we respond to the world.  If you are able to jump to the life enhancing feelings from the get-go -- even better!

For instance, last summer I was walking in Central Park when I witnessed a bird that had been poisoned by the pesticides that were placed in the park.  I think I saw 3 birds within a week all on their final moments of life which is not fun to witness. At first I got angry at the Park for buying RoundUp and then I got angry at Monsanto for creating a product that doesn't help the planet and then I even got angry at others as they didn't care about this suffering bird as I did.  They could walk right by the bird without a thought or even take "cool" close up photos of the bird.  It took me a while before I was able to get to a space where I could actually help the bird and send it supportive energy on its transition.  I honestly would have helped the bird WAY more if I didn't go into judgement about the situation and simply sent it love and light for its new beginning from the start.  I also would have been sending my body life serving chemistry as well as putting out positive vibes in the Quantum world which could have even helped countries at war get closer to peace.  We all know about the butterfly effect, and we really ARE that powerful if we choose to be so.

Since our feelings are "THE" language that the Quantum world responds to its like we are sending out prayers ALL the time without even knowing it.  In the Quantum World ALL possibilities exist at any given moment and we simply attract the possibility that we are resonant with.  For instance -- if we created a health condition in our body it simply means that our past choices, lifestyle, thoughts/feelings were simply in alignment or resonance with THAT possibility.  We DO have the power to choose a NEW lifestyle with new feelings that serve us, and jump to a different possibility (new parallel Universe) where we are healthy which many refer to as a Quantum Leap or a miracle.  Belief is also a huge part of the equation as we can ONLY experience that which we believe and feel can be a possibility.   

So, if there is something that you would like to bring into your life, you can easily start with feeling that reality as if if already exists.  Imagine the peace, happiness, or health that you feel as if "x" already exists.  Letting go of judgment of what currently is and having gratitude for the new reality can only help.  Gregg was saying that many people pray in ways that are full of lack such as "I pray for world peace."  That prayer is NOT helping when the feeling behind it is really full of war, stress and fear. Words without passion and feeling behind them don't have any power as its the feelings or feeling behind the words that really move the mountains as the world simply mirrors our resonance.  I guess its no different than a musician who puts their heart and soul into their music rather than someone simply playing the notes which feels empty not to mention a total snore.   

As we are all linked to a single field I would LOVE to make a request as "the more the merrier" is applicable here.  I want to be clear and also acknowledge that individuals are crazy powerful TOO.  

My request is that people spend 5 min a day envisioning something that they are passionate about shifting FREE of judgement as if it ALREADY IS!  You might want to call upon field 101 (field of the heart) and field 103 (field of neutrality) to enhance your envisioning.  If you missed my newsletter on the fields you can find it on my blog at  You can envision clean oceans, clean water for all, an abundance of safe natural food, happy safe dolphins and whales, prosperity throughout the world, empowered women throughout the world, justice and equality throughout the world, animal rights and well being, a clean pure environment etc..........Or you can envision well being within yourself, as starting with ourselves is a GREAT place to start as we must first become that which we want to experience before it will show up in our lives and the world.

Perhaps with each ongoing newsletter I will pick a theme to focus on because numbers can only help, yet its also best for people to envision that which THEY feel most passionate about as those passionate feelings are what create the huge ripples in the field which effect everyone!  

So today you can envision a world with lots of happy sustainable farmers and an abundance of healthy, natural fruits and vegetables OR whatever else you choose as if it already exists!  Feel it, breathe it, imagine it, know it get the drill!

It raises your frequency as well as that of the world! 

Thanks, and wishing you all groovy frequencies!
PS going forward........he next time you drive by a car accident, envision and feel that person in a healed state of well being rather than thinking "oh, that poor person.  I hope they are OK."  THAT feeling of them in a great state filled with love and light is what will truly help.   You DO have power!