Newsletter #17

Trust yourself!

I recently made a decision where I know a certain person isn't thrilled, but I am thrilled as I know it is best for me and what my heart truly desires.  THAT energy clearly prompted today's newsletter!  

Normally I am the chick who does whatever I want and doesn't allow anything to get in my way, HOWEVER, there was this time where I almost didn't follow my heart......

It all began when I was performing Mendelssohn's piano trio in d minor at Steinway Hall.  I was surrounded by pianos and I suddenly thought to myself,  "I HAVE to have a piano -- its ridiculous that I don't!"  I chatted with Betsy at Steinway after the performance, and she recommended that I come back in a couple of months when they would have awesome pianos on sale at Juilliard.  She told me to get there early since it was a first come first serve basis.  I had done my homework and had looked at some of the pianos at Steinway and had an inkling that I would get something like a Boston baby grand since it was only 14K rather than a gazillion K as the Steinway grands were, even though I preferred the Steinways.  

I got there before the doors opened so that I had access to EVERY piano they were selling.  Betsy saw me and we dove into action looking at various pianos.  My eyes were drawn to a Steinway baby grand and when I played it fireworks went off like crazy!!!  The feeling of "this is MY piano" was SO intense yet it was 23K which was 9K more than I was planning on spending and I JUST paid off my student loans.  Did I really want to go back in debt that much????  No!  Did I really want this piano? YES YES YES!!!  And it was a great deal for a Steinway grand even if it was a lot for me.

I called my best friend, Howard to give me encouragement to take this bold step and said "I found THE piano.  I have to get it.  Its amazing.  OMG -- you HAVE to hear it." I was SOOO excited I could hardly contain myself.  He said, "That's great. How much is it?"  Long story short I actually let him talk me out of getting it.  

I SETTLED (I NEVER settle) for a Boston baby grand at 14K, put down my 1K and sadly went back to my apt.  (Hint from my emotional guidance system -- This is NOT how you should feel after buying a piano!)  I called up Howard with a droopy voice and told him that I decided to get a Boston baby grand but that I still wanted him to experience this awesome (voice less droopy) awesome Steinway.  He said he would go over around 3PM after he was finished teaching piano.  

We arrived at Juilliard in the afternoon and I instantly saw Betsy. She assumed I was there to claim my "real" piano and said "Its still here!".  My heart started racing like you have NO idea!  I had assumed it would have been sold 5 minutes after I left.  I was in shock that it was still a possibility!  At that point -- I KNEW it was mine, yet I felt total anxiety since it was not yet a done deal.  

Howard played it and in 3 seconds he said "OMG -- you HAVE to get this!  This is amazing!  Why did you listen to me and get the other one?"  As he continued to play, EVERYONE started gathering around MY piano and I said "Howard -- you are selling MY piano to others!"  He got it and quickly grabbed a "sold" sign and put it on the piano.  My heart suddenly calmed down to a trot from a gallop.  

I changed all the paper work with Betsy to the Steinway and my heart was finally at peace!  I didn't care about the money or going back in debt.  My heart was SO happy.  I practically skipped home in bliss as I KNEW it was the RIGHT piano for me to have.  I soon was flooded with piano students and it simply all worked out with ease.

Gotta love the power of going for it and following your heart!  

So if you are ever feeling like you settled and did what you feel you "have" to do or that you did what others wanted you to do rather than yourself -- your body will speak to you!  This is YOUR life -- so follow YOUR heart and not what others want or expect you to do.  

You owe yourself authenticity and bliss, and your heart is right there to guide you along!