Newsletter #18

The 24 Fields!

This weekend was an exciting weekend as we leased an electric car!  I LOVE driving sustainably with NO toxic fumes.  It is also totally silent which I love.  The Fields have nothing to do with my new car, yet in a way -- they do,  as they can bring us closer to resonating with peace, health, love etc......

I first met Melissa Joy Jonsson last March in Chicago at a Matrix  Energetics seminar that she was teaching with Richard Bartlett.  I then went to her seminar called M-Joy in LA last May that was for women only where she taught us all about the 24 Fields and how we can use them to enhance our lives in many different ways. Her book "Little Book of Big Potentials" just came out, and this info is now available to everyone -- not just women.

These 24 Fields were all channeled to Michelle by her guides as it was time for us to know about them.  The more people who use these Fields -- the more powerful they become and when we use them we are not only helping ourselves but everyone and the whole planet as we are all connected.  Double YAY! 

It might seem odd to see "24 Fields" when of course there are a gazillion fields in our lives.  Anytime there is lots of energy and focus on anything -- THAT creates a field as we are all connected.  For instance "cancer" is a "big deal" to lots of people regardless if they have it or not.  The Field is cancer is sadly not serving us as it is filled with lots of fear and worry etc.....  Instead of having a foundation called "The American Cancer Society" which actually is resonant with the Cancer Field of fear and worry, it would be WAY more healing to have it called something else that would connect it to a much higher frequency field.  This is no different than when Mother Theresa said she would only march for peace rather than march against terrorism. Cleary -- she understood that the Field of peace was serving the planet and the other was not


Since Melissa's work is copyrighted I can't go ahead and tell you all about it so I will simply give you bits of info and encourage you to go ahead and get her book "Little book of big potentials" online or via kindle.  

Here is a little taste of what you can expect.  I will not go into all the Quantum Physics, but merely tell you that by calling on Field 101 which is called "Field of the heart", that Field brings you into your heart space and out of your head.  This is where real truth lies and where deep healing occurs.  This is GREAT to call on before any healing work you do or receive.  It is as simple as calling on the Field.  You get out of the way by doing NOTHING, and let the Field do all the "work".   It really IS that simple!

Another Field that I also use in healing work (especially when muscle checking)  is Field 103 which is the Field of neutrality.  When we are truly neutral -- THAT is when miracles can happen.  We all have heard stories about "john doe" desperate to find the right chick as he only experiences let down after let down.  As soon as John Doe says "whatever -- I am letting it go" which is a neutral state -- suddenly THAT is when John Doe meets "the one".  Getting into a neutral state is usually easier said than done so I am thrilled to have Field 103!

I was recently in a healing session via phone as my healer lives in CA and she said "hmmm -- I am having a hard time with these cells leaving" and I said "what if I ask for Field 107".  A second later she said, "OMG, I don't know what that is or what you just did -- but you did it.  That was a HUGE shift."  

So it REALLY is THAT simple!  Get the book, PLAY with those Fields and create more miracles and help raise the frequency of not only yourself but everyone and that planet!  THANKS!