Newsletter #13

How big is your container?

I just recently got back to MA from NY, and it was mind blowing to see how much growth can happen in 10 days!

Before I left, I prepared my garden as much as I could.  I had originally planted over 70 starter plants in my 2 veggie gardens and soon realized that they REALLY needed more space to grow their full potential.  I built an additional 2 veggie gardens and I also transplanted some plants to other locations to make even more room.  I was told that my tomatoes would need cages to support their future growth and weight so I bought nine cages rather than 12 because that was all that would fit in the car.

When I got back to MA the tomato plants in the cages grew up to 2-3 feet and they each have several baby green tomatoes.  The tomatoes that didn't have the support honestly didn't look much different than when I left, and they are approximately one foot tall with no tomatoes. Hmmmm...............

As soon as I commented on that fact, Bob said "well, that's going to be your next newsletter," so here I am!

When I transplanted the plants I told them each individually how they were going to be supported by these cages and placed into healthy soil so that they could grow big and strong and produce lots of tomatoes.  I also sent them all 21 frequencies and love.  The three tomato plants that stayed where they were with no cages, got love, attention and frequencies as part of the whole group, but not individually.  

To me, this shows how important both the inner work AND outer work is.  They are BOTH HUGE!  I think its best to work on the inner work first so that we are resonant for the outer "stuff" to happen with ease, but everyone is different and will have their own preferences.

The physiology/DNA of our cells change when we shift our resonance AND our cells also shift when we make changes in our lifestyle and/or environment.  Working on both the inner and outer is most supportive.

The tomato plants with the cages received inner and outer support, and the other 3 tomato plants received inner healing support as a group and were told that they would now have more room to grow, but they didn't get the outer support (change in environment/lifestyle) which would have enhanced the inner work.  They also probably didn't feel as special because they were spoken to as  group rather than individually.  (I will make it up to them!)

It reminds me of my own sessions and sessions that I do with others.  Even though we have worked on shifting the resonance to something that now serves us -- we still need to take positive actions to truly ground the "new way" and also to create opportunities to experience the shift.   

My last comment I want to mention is that when people emotionally/mentally/spiritually prepare for things to be x, y or z.  That is normally what they experience as our mind is always right.  This can work for us or against so we MUST be careful as to what thoughts/energy we are putting out into the Universe.

"This plant needs a cage since its going to grow big and strong with lots of tomatoes" vs "this plant is OK as it is not going to need support"...........etc..............

Are you expecting miracles in your life or not?

Try expecting them and preparing for them with "big containers" and see what happens.................

Expecting some awesome emails of "stories" in a week or so!  I will make lots of space for them in my computer!