Newsletter #16

There is no poop fairy!

I am in Aspen right now and Bob and I were hiking when we came across a hysterical sign next to a pile of plastic doggie bags full of poop.  The sign said "There is no poop fairy!  Please clean up after your pet."  For some reason "poop fairy" just cracked me up, and I told Bob that I HAD to think of something to write about regarding this sign.  

So this is what I came up with...........

The first is responsibility and accountability and the second is "stuff" keeps piling up unless you do something different!  (We all know the famous Einstein quote.)  Both of these thoughts go together to form drumroll..........if you want the pattern to change you have to take responsibility for it and transform and/or heal the situation, otherwise your shit will pile up nonstop until you experience a wake up call from the Universe which will force you to do something about it.

We have all seen other people stuck in patterns where they experience the same toxic relationship over and over again or others who constantly move around to leave "the problem" behind only to find that the problem never leaves -- it simply shifts according to the new environment.  Sadly, its harder to see our own patterns (we ALL have them) that are not serving us until they show up in the form of a purple painful finger where you can no longer play your instrument well, or a health condition etc......

The more empowering route is to notice that if several people are treating you the same unpleasant way -- it most likely is YOUR resonance in X that is attracting those experiences.  Having awareness of that pattern is a great start to transforming it, granted professional energetic help always facilitates that shift with ease and more speed.  There are MANY ways to make these shifts from tapping to essential oils, flower essences, sound healing, breath work, resonance repatterning etc....I can't go into all of of these in detail in a simple newsletter, so my point is to simply be aware and really notice what patterns you are experiencing in your life because it is SO much better to be aware of them and take responsibility for them rather than allowing the poop bags to pile up over and over again.  Its SO easy for people to go into denial or blame, and in the end there is no poop fairy get the picture!