Newsletter #15

It's all about ME! 

I had my first private breath session with Lisa two days ago which was awesome. Lisa said something to me while we were chatting about x, y and z before the session began which I have definitely heard a million times before, but its one of those things that can only help to hear over and over again until we REALLY get it. Getting it on the mental level is usually quite easy and truly living it and embodying it is another level -- a much higher frequency level!

She said "Its all about you" or "it all starts with you", or something like that, meaning that all healing takes place within ourselves first -- which I know we have all heard, AND she also meant that everything we experience is a mirror for our own stuff that needs to be healed.  

That reminded me of a silly argument that Bob and I got into one morning.  Long story short -- we  both ended up triggering the other and it wasn't fun!  Now -- in the end, I was hugely grateful for this argument because I ended up having a GREAT healing session later on that day, and I got to heal SOOO much from it which was truly mind blowing.  However --  being closer to a "Gandi" who is able to respond rather than react isn't so bad either!

I "aint no Gandi," but I did recently encounter a person who had already been triggered and wasn't in the best of moods.  This person said some questionable things to me, and the "old me" would have defended myself in a reactive way. Luckily, at this moment in time I was able to stay grounded as I could totally see that this was simply someone's unmet childhood life needs popping up wanting attention. 

I was able to remain calm and respond with support and compassion rather than react and long story short -- that person emailed saying "thank you" that night. YAY!  

It felt AWESOME and hugely empowering to end in a great place because it could have EASILY gone the other direction.  Now -- had it gone the other direction, that would have simply showed me that I still had "work" to do on myself.  After all -- its all about ME!

So now that I saw myself take the higher road in that situation, my goal is to do that with ALL situations so that I get closer and closer to that higher Gandi frequency as much as I can!

Easier said than done, but I am going for it!  
Anyone want to join me?