Newsletter #14

White is the New Black?

Reading "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment" by Stanley Burroughs is a required book that I need to read for my training at CARE (center of aromatherapy research and education).  Ironically, there is no mention of essential oils in it, BUT there is  a LOT of information on color!  

For 20 years wearing ALL black was my "uniform" whether it was "concert black" for orchestra or chamber music concerts where we had to look nice or "pit black" which basically meant black jeans and a black shirt since we were to be heard and not seen in those Broadway pits.  I LOVED black and I NEVER felt that I looked good wearing white, but after reading this book I am SO conscious about not wearing black from now on.

I have known for years how each of the colors represents different healing frequencies and how each chakra has its own color, but I NEVER thought of black as an unhealthy color to wear of even look at.  Perhaps, someone will debate this as I also recall black being labeled as the "protection" color somewhere on my path..........At any rate, this book mentions how white is very healing as it is the combination of 12 color frequencies.  On the contrary it says "black is the absence of  all color and produces disease, old age and death and should never be worn."  Dang -- that sounds harsh!  It was once upon a time my favorite "color" to wear!  

While I am not going to write a novel on all the energies of the various colors, you might want to check it out yourself.  Its very interesting.  If you are attracted to wearing certain colors, you most likely NEED that frequency just as we are attracted to certain foods that our body "needs" at that moment.

Explore using various colors in various rooms in your home whether via earth friendly paint, tapestries or flowers.  Color can shift the energy of a room in huge ways.  Also, please use caution as certain colors match certain rooms better than others.  For instance, you might not want to do bright red in your bedroom when its a room that you want to be able to sleep with peace etc.........

I encourage you to explore colors this week in lots of creative ways!  FYI green is a VERY healing color!