Newsletter #9

Remember The Force will be with you always!

I received an email about a month ago from Mind Valley about how the owner of Mind Valley raised his kid on Star Wars rather than religion.  I hadn't watched Star Wars since the late 70's or early 80's, and I honestly didn't remember too much about it aside from knowing how to teach the main theme to my piano students.  I said to Bob weeks ago, "We have to watch Star Wars."  Well, it finally happened last night.......we watched Star Wars episode 4 (A New Hope) which is the first Star Wars movie they made. 

Luke Skywalker who was raised as a farmer just lost his uncle and aunt who raised him, and was now free to space travel with Obi-Wan Kenobi to help save Princess Leia and her planet from the evil empire.

Obi-Wan sees that Luke has lots of his father in him and knows that he would be great on this mission.  Obi-Wan teaches Luke about The Force and explains that, "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.  It's an energy field created by all living things.  It surrounds us and penetrates us.  It binds the galaxy together."  He also teaches him to trust his feelings and has him practice with his light sword with his eyes covered.  Interestingly enough, he succeeds this way as he is forced (pun intended) to use his instinct/heart and feel his way into it, and get out of his mind. 

As Luke and others are being told the ONE way of destroying the  Death Star (which is responsible for destroying good planets) most people sadly say "that's impossible" while Luke says "that's possible!"  Luke automatically is open to the possibility of success as he links it to a former experience where he hit something that was "impossible."

Han Solo who is the spaceship driver laughs off this "Force thing" and thinks its all nonsense.  Its definitely too "out there" for him.  Interestingly enough, Darth Vader who decided to go with the evil side has LOTS of wisdom and awareness and he talks about the Force a LOT to my surprise as he warns the others to beware the power of The Force.  The other "evil dudes" aboard the Death Star say his "religion" is also nonsense.

As Luke and others are in battle with Darth Vader to defeat the Death Star, Luke finally gets into the necessary path to hit the target which will destroy it.  Luke hears the words of Obi-Wan who has now passed, "Use The Force Luke.............Let go.......Trust me."  

Luke decides to drop all connection with his computers making it just him and The Force which shocks the people who are monitoring his flight.  Luke merely replies in confidence that he is good.

Darth Varder who is trying to stop him says "The Force is strong with this one" as he can feel the difference.

Basically, we ALL have access to The Force, its simply a matter of how resonant we are with accepting the Force into our lives.  If we are resonant with "I am not worthy of The Force", then we block The Force from serving us as much as it can.  If we resonant with "I am a divine being of the planet and being supported by The Force/Universe is my birth right," we will experience a Luke Skywalker reality of hitting the target more often than not. that feeling inside and go for it!  I know that my "craziest" decisions where I totally took a leap of faith as others thought I was crazy are the ones that were the most magical and powerful!  Let go of fear and be with The Force!

Feel free to email me ANY comments you may have!
May you resonate with being with The Force so it can serve you in magical ways!