Newsletter #12


I have been in the Catskills for the past 3 days learning more resonance repatterning and this level is called “a new vision."  It's all about how eye problems are really mental and emotional issues that need to be healed such as being willing to see the truth and more, and how important -- really HUGE --  light is to us.  

We all say that we need oxygen, water and food to survive, but in fact — light is the main nutrient of the body and we can not survive without lots and lots and lots of photons.

One of the things we learned for instance is that stress/tension, negative thoughts and/or beliefs cause the eye muscles to tense up, which distorts or blocks the light that we are able to receive.  Light is what heals us and opens us up to a much higher way of being and seeing things.  When people receive all the spectrums of light, they have a more positive outlook on life and pain dissolves, illnesses heal, and your immune system is boosted.  As people are connected to light/source — they experience a happier way of being AND their eyesight is good, healed, or better than it was.

I obviously can’t go into all the very cool things that we did and learned the past three days, but I DO want to let you all know about some SIMPLE yet powerful things that you can do to support you getting more light into your body especially via your eyes.  Simply going outside even if under a tree or something else gives you access to full spectrum light.  The more skin that is exposed to the light — the better.   When you wear glasses and especially sunglasses you are actually blocking healing light from entering your body so……………give those sunglasses a “thanks for visiting” good-bye note.  If you are mostly inside,  it is most beneficial to use full spectrum light bulbs as that light enhances your well being. 

I honestly had NO idea that when we are barefeet on earth not only are we grounding and connecting to life force energy from earth BUT standing barefeet on earth is like a “free kick ass” vitamin C.  I had NO idea that earth neutralizes all free radicals in our body!  Awesome or awesome?

So now that's its summer, take those shoes and sunglasses off and land on the grass and take in the light!