Newsletter #11

Beliefs and resonance ARE powerful!

I am only days away from studying more Resonance Repatterning work in the Catskills, and it reminded me of a story that Chloe (founder of Resonance Repatterning) shares about a group of miners who sadly got trapped.

I will retell this story to the best of my memory!  According to science you can only survive trapped in a mine for X amount of hours.  Sadly, I can't remember how many hours X is!!!  Only one of the miners happened to be wearing a watch.  When one hour went by, he told everyone else that 30 minutes had passed.  I assume that he did this to maintain as much peace as possible in the situation.  When the next hour passed, he said it had been 1 hour rather than 2 hours.  He continued this pattern.

Finally rescuers came and they were all rescued to safety aside from the miner with the watch who knew the "real" time.  According to his knowledge -- it was NOT possible to survive trapped in a mine for more than X hours.  That was his belief and therefore death was his reality once "X" marked the spot on his watch.

The other miners were resonant with the fact they still had time to live and therefore suffered no health consequences EVEN though they clearly were all in the same environment and had all well passed the "scientific limit" placed on them.

These types of situations and/or placebo effect results have always been a thorn in the side of 3rd dimensional medicine which likes to control everything with "facts" and "proofs".  When people choose to believe in these "facts" they are simply limiting themselves in huge ways.  In the Quantum world -- SOOOO much more is possible when we let go and allow all to be without our mind and/or unhealthy resonances getting in the way.

This also reminds me of an energy seminar I attended many years ago where most of us were professional musicians aside from one guy who had a PHD in science from Harvard.

The teacher was having us do things that were "impossible" such as enhancing the way a quarter size student violin sounds without touching it.  (that's the short story). Mr. Ego Harvard guy silently looked down on us musicians and was trying to "teach" the teacher that it was impossible, and that in fact he could prove that it was impossible because he had a PHD from Harvard in some fancy science.

She calmly told him that we were all going to be successful in our attempts.  She said that he could choose to hold on to the expensive scientific lies that he learned at Harvard and leave with a full refund, or he could choose to open up his mind and experience something much more powerful.  

He was ENRAGED and determined to watch us all fail.  We all easily experienced success to his shock as we got these "crappy" student instruments to sound like Strads.  Only then was he willing to give it a try.  He was the only who failed because he was still resonant that it was impossible on a cellular level even though his mind saw that it was possible.  OUCH!  This was clearly an emotional day for him and his Harvard ego hit rock bottom, but he was beyond the point of being able to prove what he "knew."

He finally allowed humility to enter his body and he allowed his mind to be open to another way and then finally after several tries -- he also succeeded.  YAY!

So remember -- the next time you put a limit on yourself -- remember its NOT true! You CAN choose a "its possible" reality!