Newsletter #8 May 31 2015


My friend and yoga teacher, Suzanne, has a license plate that says "Breathe," and she said that so many people thank her for reminding them to breathe.

It sounds crazy that we need to be reminded to breath when it is something that we do automatically and can't survive without, but so few of us are actually breathing in a healthy, empowering way.

Since I am still new to Lexington MA, I went on to find other "energy/holistic" people in the community.  I saw that a breath work circle was taking place so I decided to sign up for it because I honestly hadn't had too much experience with breath work.  About 7 years ago I did experience a Shamanic rebirthing which was all about the breath and "wow -- that was intense" is all I can say.  We had to breathe to the same beat of a fast african drum for two hours.  You get SO much oxygen in your brain that you get to an altered state where you can access and transform your "stuff."  My whole body had SO many bizarre sensations, I threw up twice and then my body involuntarily twitched like crazy for about 15 minutes.  Phew!  I had NO idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this!  At any rate -- it felt SO powerful that SO much could shift simply by breathing.

As I showed up this past Friday night to this breath circle, the leader of the circle, Lisa (who rocks),  informed me that this was created out of Shamanic rebirthing, but that it was more gentle.  (YAY because I didn't feel like throwing up on someone again).  

She stated that most of us are not breathing deeply, and that when we exhale, we eliminate 90% of our toxins.  Our breath is WAY more than just getting oxygen to our cells.  It IS our biggest way of clearing toxins out of our body if we breathe deeply and allow that to happen.  We also clear toxic thoughts, belief systems, and patterns and more that are not serving us.  And of course, it all enhances your frequency.

We began our breathing circle after she taught us how to breathe correctly, and within minutes (or seconds) I was activated.  I felt a lump in my throat which usually is a sign of buried grief coming to the surface and getting stuck.  I kept breathing and it finally cleared.  I felt SO upset and I had NO idea why.  I felt energy surging in my body that I can't even describe.  It truly blows my mind, how something as simple as the breath which we all have access too can be so powerful.  Lisa gave each of us personal support and she helped the energy move out of my body as she brushed my legs downward.  It was amazing!!!  I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that it cleared a LOT!

I encourage you to google "breath work" to see what is taking place in your town/city if you are interested in experiencing this work.  If you simply want to be more aware of breathing deeply, that has many benefits in itself, such as detoxing and oxygenating your cells, activating endorphins which boosts your immune system, moving lymph which purifies your blood, clearing plaque build up in your arteries, calming your mind and emotions, and reconnecting you to your feelings. Some say they have cured their diseases simply with breathing patterns.  

So go for it, and explore the art of breathing!  I know its something that I definitely want to experience and study more.

Wishing you MANY deep breaths!