Newsletter #10

The gifts of bedbugs?

Honestly, I had NO idea I was going to write about bedbugs until I watched the 2nd episode of Orange is the New Black as the 3rd season was just released via Netflix! Yep -- the prison ends up being infested with bedbugs!  I lived in NYC during its huge outbreak with bedbugs so I said to Bob,  "been there -- done that".  

Most people would not be bragging about that, but to me -- its simply part of life AND nothing to be ashamed about.  There are always blessings with EVERYTHING even if bedbugs totally suck so...........bring it on!

In 2006, I woke up one day with 4 bites on my right ankle.  I got suspicious and called up a friend who had bedbugs 2 yrs prior, and she said "yep -- sounds like you have them if they are in a straight line".  I was NOT happy and was even MORE unhappy when I found out that day that my neighbors had had them for months and kept it a secret.  That felt SO disrespectful to me and I didn't want that to happen to others, so I quickly put up a sign in the lobby so that others could be preventative and proactive about it.

I had to resort to professionals with toxic chemicals (which I detest) to remove the bedbugs which you can never see since they hide (unless its totally infested), AND I also knew that the root of the problem was NOT taken care of, and that I could easily get them again.

I approached the board and mentioned that we needed to do something about this before the entire building had a problem.  To my surprise the members of the board were NOT interested in seeing this as a building problem.  They could NOT see that we were all connected and that these critters will travel in time.

I was surprised and thought "OK -- I will have to take care of this on my own".  I did my research online and found a natural crushed fossil product that you can buy to place on the perimeter of your apt which would impale them to death if they traveled into my apt. However, I could NOT do the same thing to my ceiling due to this thing called gravity. Hmm...........I thought.......OK -- I guess I am going to have to connect with the bedbugs myself and have a conversation with them.  Luckily I lived by myself so I said something like "Bedbugs, I honor you and thank you for the lessons that you have brought me.  I want you to know that I HAVE in fact gone through my stuff and removed LOTS of it.  I have made room in my life for the new as I have released the old.  I ask that you please live somewhere else. You are no longer welcome here.  Thank you for respecting my desires."

In time, the number of apartments that were infected in my building were growing like a wild fire AND the board finally had to acknowledge that it was a building problem.  I kept telling them that they had to treat apt X since that apt was the root of the problem, but they said "no, that person says they don't have a problem" EVEN though the person had scabs all over his arms.  Others had had their apartments professionally treated several times only to get reinfected again.  I on the other hand was "totally fine".  The board told me that it was not possible that they didn't come back into my apt, but I assured them that I "took care of it on my own." 

Long story short -- the management hired a bedbug dog to sniff all the apartments to confirm which apartments needed to be treated so that the building could finally be at peace regarding this issue.

All the apartments around me had them -- but I didn't!  I have to confess that I LOVED seeing the shocked expressions of the board members!  Once all the apartments were treated including THE most infested apt which was across the hall from ME -- all was bedbug free on 66 W84th St NYC!  FINALLY!  YAY! of the bedbugs?

1) Yes, even bedbugs have a consciousness as all living things do and we CAN communicate with them, and they WILL listen assuming we are responsible for OUR part!

2)  Denial and not being willing to see the truth never helps anyone.  It only makes things last longer and/or lead to bigger wake up calls that we can't miss seeing.

3)  Third dimensional thinking (such as its impossible for me not to have bedbugs when I am surrounded by those who do) is limiting.  We are WAY more powerful than we know AND we are way more powerful than "third dimensional facts".  The impossible is in fact VERY possible!

4)  The sooner we acknowlege the truth and take personal responsibility for x y and z -- the sooner things can shift for the better.

5) I am sure that the entire building was at a much higher frequency after all the "space clearing" that took place.  I think going forward -- I prefer crystal sound bowls!

6)  I can imagine that many in the building had some "old energy"  released during that infestation which now allowed for some magical "experiences" to now show up in their lives.

7)  Staying positive and knowing that it all works out definitely works on your side.

8)  Hiding your shame is never serving you.  AND who cares what others think of you!

I am sure there are many more gifts out there so feel free to ponder it!

Remember -- if you are feeling "stuck" in a crazy bedbug situation or any situation -- there ARE magical solutions out there and sometimes they are as easy as a simple conversation with bedbugs!  You get the idea!

Feel free to email me ANY comments you may have!
Thanks, Tara