Newsletter #7

Good-bye monsters, Hello peace and harmony!

I can't believe I have now been in Lexington MA for 10.5 days now!  I am slowly remembering how to live outside the city!  My first trip to Bed Bath and Beyond was quite hilarious!  After I had checked out, I couldn't find the place to return my shopping cart.  I felt silly and blind, but I resorted to asking someone where it was. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "its right outside the store." OMG!  I TOTALLY forgot that people outside the city have these things called "parking lots" and that you can actually take the cart to your car!  Hilarious!

Anyway --  a couple of days ago, I was once again out in the backyard talking to my peaceful veggie garden as I watered plants.  Suddenly, I heard a noisy "monster" which spewed toxic exhaust fumes............not my idea of a high frequency!

It felt SO toxic to me coming from the peaceful space that I was in, and I was SO concerned that this air would get near my precious garden!!!  As I walked out front, I saw these two guys speedily riding around on their toxic spewing monsters (I mean lawn mowers), and I quickly learned that they were hired to take care of the lawn.  I asked them if they didn't mind ignoring the backyard so that my veggie garden had some distance from the fumes and noise, and I also mentioned that I wanted to protect the dandelions who support my veggie garden.  They looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to protect the dandelions, but I think they were pleased that they could leave earlier than expected.

I mentioned this situation to Bob (my guy), and I was SO happy to hear that he found "clean air lawn" outside Boston which cuts your grass using angels (electric lawn mowers).  I was SOOO happy!  YAY!  So they are going to come by soon with their battery powered lawn mowers. SO happy!  And, we easily ordered an electric lawn mower online!  Double YAY!

Honestly, when these MUCH better alternatives exist, I don't understand how these toxic dinosaurs still exist.  I think a lot of people simply aren't aware of how these monsters impact us and affect our frequency.  

Another way that we can help enhance the frequency of earth and ourselves is to sign up for wind energy whether you go via Green Mountain Energy, or whatever green offer your electric company has.  We were actually able to get every apartment in our NYC building entirely switched over to wind energy. It's easy to do and it HELPS the planet and us all a LOT!

Lincoln Center and the Empire State Building and more all use 100% wind energy.  I also just discovered that Google recently signed a 20 yr agreement for 100% wind energy.  YAY!

Please watch this trailer for the movie, "The Last Mountain" to see what I mean.

It is GREAT, informative and POWERFUL, and if you like the trailer you can continue and watch the entire movie.  I LOVED it!

Feel free to email me ANY comments you may have!
Thanks, and wishing you all groovy frequencies!

PS Doesn't this wind farm look SO peaceful and in harmony with the planet?  I wonder how the entire planet will soon use 100% sustainable, earth friendly energy???  Talk about a high frequency planet!