Newsletter #6

Who are you spending most of your time with?

I just recently moved to Lexington MA last Wednesday!  Yay!  So exciting!  I have been anxiously awaiting creating my own veggie permaculture garden so that I can be free of GMO's and pesticides as much as possible!!!

I spent 12 hours yesterday working on the garden which is now complete (yay), and it reminded me of the famous quote (that I can't remember) that you hear at EVERY personal growth seminar........something about how you are the sum of the 5 people that you spend the time with.  (So much for not ending with a preposition!)

This is my first garden that I have ever created since I have been in NYC for the past 23 years, and I started with getting as much info as possible about permaculture online.  I learned that broccoli likes to be planted with celery, potatoes and onions and that the broccoli will taste better if that is the case.  (I had NO idea).  I learned that it was best to mix up the vegetables with the right "crowd" of herbs, flowers and other veggies so that they all will grow at their highest potential AND so that there will be a perfect balance of insects in harmony with the plants with no need for you know what!

To my surprise, I found that broccoli does NOT like tomatoes and strawberries!  So my tomatoes, strawberries and more are in a different garden.  

SO........are you (if you are broccoli) surrounding yourself with "celery, onions and potatoes" or are you hanging around a bunch of strawberries?  No offense to strawberries -- I mean -- they rock and were GREAT in my smoothie this morning, but it is all about what is best for you as we all vibrate at different levels.

Bottom line if you have "friends" who bring you down and/or are not supportive of your bold daring dreams and adventures -- then start surrounding yourself with the celery and onions in your life!  They will support you in living your life in the most tasty, high life force way!

AND -- before I leave -- one more reminder from the garden!  I bought a 6 pack of the flower down below and five of them looked GREAT!  One was totally dead, but I let it slide since the others looked happy.  When I was planting them in our walkway, I simply couldn't toss the dead one.  It broke my heart -- so I planted it, watered it, and talked to it even though I had little faith in its coming back to life.

The next morning.............THAT is what it looked like!  Gorgeous, healthy, and about to bloom. that feeling inside EVEN if it makes no sense and remember that its not over until the dead lady sings!

Wishing you lots of onions, celery and potatoes!