Newsletter #5

I wonder how.........

Many years ago I was doing some group coaching with Joe Vitale.  He made this comment that REALLY spoke to me.  He said that instead of trying to figure out how x y and z is going to manifest -- simply release it to the Universe with a question such as "I wonder how x, y, and z is going to all work out in perfect harmony?"  He told us how important it was to simply release it with no attachment to the outcome. Granted -- I know that is easier said than done in some circumstances.

Soon after,  I was flying to Vegas to attend a seminar not so close to the airport.  I said in my mind "I wonder how I am going to meet someone going where I am going so that I can split a taxi ride?"  

Then before getting on the plane, my mother called me and let me know that my grandmother had just passed.  She encouraged me to go forward with my trip.  So once again I said in my mind, "I wonder how I am going to attract a piano so that I can say a personal goodbye to my grandmother in Vegas".  

I got on the plane and a couple from Vegas happened to sit next to me.  They instantly engaged me in a conversation, and I learned that it was his wife's birthday. She had every Broadway song ever written memorized, and she had never seen a "real" Broadway show until this birthday weekend.  They saw Wicked, Phantom and more. I mentioned how I LOVED Wicked and that it was my favorite show ever, and I asked what night they saw Phantom in case we were there at the same time. They could not believe that they were sitting next to someone who "did Broadway". They acted as if I was Oprah!  At the end of the flight they asked me where my seminar was taking place.  They were so excited and said, "That's 2 minutes from where we live -- lets travel together!"


When we arrived at my hotel, I went to split the fare and tip and they would NOT allow me to pay.  They insisted that riding in a car with a real live Broadway person was the best ending to a Broadway birthday weekend.  They would not even allow me to simply pay the tip.  So I got there for free!  


When I checked in to the hotel I was told,  "Sorry, I know you reserved a nonsmoking room, but we only have smoking rooms left."  I was SHOCKED and horrified, but luckily I managed to remain calm.  I simply told her that I LOVED myself and my lungs, and that I really needed a nonsmoking room.  She said "hold on, let me see what I can do."

She came back five minutes later and said, "please keep this quiet.  The only nonsmoking room available is a grand suite with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a living room with a grand piano!"

Holy Dang!  Major Score!  

So feel free to RUN with this!

One more thing -- now that I know more Quantum Physics than I did back then, I want to express HOW important it is to simply toss it in the air and look the other way.  Truly release it, and be in a neutral space.

When we have attachments to how things will show up, we collapse the wave function and eliminate the possibilities and miracles from happening.  When we have thoughts such as "This is silly -- this won't work."  We collapse the wave function and create a particle of "this won't work" and that is what we experience.

So be open to it all, release your intentions with neutrality and observe what happens!  Have fun creating whatever you desire!

Feel free to email me ANY comments you may have!
Thanks, and wishing you all groovy frequencies!