Newsletter #3


I decided to write about "responsibility" today, because its been a very popular theme that keeps crossing my path in my healing work.

There are actually two sides to this coin, and I am sure that we ALL have been on both sides of this coin at various times in our lives.  What we are aiming for is being in a healthy, balanced relationship regarding responsibility!!!

What I have seen most recently is people needing to be responsible for other people and sometimes even the world!  This puts a LOT of stress and energetic weight on our shoulders, and its NOT serving us at all.  The healthy place is "I am ONLY responsible for myself, and others are responsible for themselves."  Now of course, if you have kids, you are responsible for them until they are 18 or so, and if you have cats.......well, you are 100% responsible for them even if they are older than 18,  but I think you know what I mean!



So honor yourself and ONLY be responsible for YOU, and let others be responsible for their own relationship drama or whatever!  

Now the other side is to also make sure that you ARE taking personal responsibility for yourself, and whatever situations you are attracting into your life.  I recently bumped into someone, and in the past person X was stuck in "victim mode" and was not taking personal responsibility.  Long story short, X looked like a WHOLE new person which I was SO happy to see. X said that s/he made a huge shift to taking personal responsibility, and was simply surrendering to the Universe.  It was AWESOME to witness!  Wow -- the power of taking personally responsibility in his or her life is HUGE!  X was so much lighter, happier, and full of life!  Talk about an enhanced frequency.  I was SO happy!  

Bottom line - when we take personal responsibility for "our stuff" AND when we allow others to take personal responsibility for "their stuff" its HUGELY empowering to BOTH people!  Yes -- empowerment is a high frequency!

So imagine your future world where you are ONLY responsible for you, AND you totally take personal responsibility for "your stuff!!"

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Thanks, and wishing you all groovy frequencies!