Newsletter #2

What's the frequency of your home environment?

Saturday April 18th in Central Park was sooooo GORGEOUS with the trees blossoming everywhere.  The weather was amazing, AND it was simply paradise which brings me exactly to my point!

Environment is HUGE and that includes our home environment!


Our home environment affects us more than we know!  Or maybe it affects me more than others as I used to spend a decent amount of time cleaning my desk before I could do my homework as a kid.  Anyway, not only is it a great time to do a spring cleaning in our apt, to clear away the cat fur and more -- it's also a GREAT time to truly pay attention to the energy that we bring into our home.  Everything in our home must serve us in a positive way and if it doesn't, well then........its time to find it a new home or recycle it!  Anything that lifts your spirit and makes you happy like beautiful artwork or an alkaline water machine is a keeper, and those ripped jeans that you haven't worn in ten years and that necklace that brings back unpleasant get my drift! 

Decluttering also makes your space feel lighter and more spacious.  It also feels GREAT when the chi in your home flows!  So go have fun creating some gorgeous magical vortexes in your home and enjoy it!

Feel free to email me ANY comments you may have!
Thanks, and wishing you all groovy frequencies!