Newsletter #1 April 12, 2015


I am sure that many of you already know who Masaru Emoto is, however, I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  I first remember seeing the book "The Hidden Messages in Water" being hugely promoted at Barnes and Noble way back when, and for some reason, I ignored it.  I think it took me months before I finally picked it up, and when I did, I was completely captivated!  I then saw Emoto speak about his work at a seminar in LA, and it was simply awesome, awesome, empowering stuff!  

Emoto, knew that water was alive with consciousness, and that water was completely affected by the frequency of its environment, as is the case with us humans and all living things!  For instance, Emoto had a glass of water listen to Mozart and another glass of water listen to heavy metal music.  When the frozen molecules of both glasses of water were under a microscope, the Mozart water looked like a gorgeous, stunning snowflake, and the heavy metal music water looked like !@#$.  The Mozart clearly created high frequency healing molecules that serve us, and the heavy metal frequency was detrimental to say the least.  Emoto did the same experiment with simple words labeled on bottles of water such as "thank you", and "I hate you."  Clearly, the "thank you" water looked like a sacred geometry masterpiece, and the other looked like a disaster.  I have to say that I have LOVED noticing how some people at the gym have started taping high frequency words to their water bottles such as "love", "gratitude", "success" and more.  It makes me so happy to know that they "get it."  YAY!

In wanting to keep this newsletter concise and to the point, which honestly is NOT my forte, think about the real power of this.  If our bodies are approximately 70% water, think about what that really means.  We TOTALLY have choice over what types of water molecules we have in our bodies.  Carefully choose who you spend your free time with, the quality of air you breathe, the quality of food you eat, your thoughts and words you speak, and please enhance the frequency of your drinking water before you drink it!  Disease can't survive in a high frequency body!  

Please feel free to watch this youtube video down below to see the various water crystals.  Trust me -- its awesome!

While in LA, Emoto mentioned two stories that amazed me.  

Emoto did an experiment where he made rice with "thank you, I love you" water, "I hate you" water, and water that was totally ignored.  He kept the rice in three separate containers for 3 years (if my memory is correct).  The "thank you, I love you" rice was of such a high frequency that it stayed "young" and smelled like sweet miso.  The "I hate you" rice was brown and nasty and smelled disgusting.  And interestingly enough, the water that was totally ignored and didn't have its existence validated was in the worst shape of them all.

Interesting, right?

The other story was about a lake in a wealthy community in Japan.  Somehow, the lake became polluted and the stench was so bad that it was lowering the value of these swanky homes.  Discussion took place about hiring a chemical company to clean the lake (as if toxic chemicals could ever help???).  Emoto knew that it was energy that created the problem, and therefore energy that would heal the problem.  When he mentioned his recommendation of having Buddhist Monks go to the lake to send healing energy to the lake via prayers, people thought he was crazy, and they didn't think this was possible at all.  Drumroll............those monks were totally successful!  And the truth is -- you don't even need to be a monk!  

As for me, I have DEFINITELY been told that something was NOT possible!  The sad thing is that believing that something is not possible, makes it not possible.  In 2010, I was playing "Phantom of the Opera" and during intermission I got an email from a violinist saying that a cat was hit by car and barely alive on the street.  I was SO upset and there was nothing I could do.  After the show was over, I called her up and found out that the cat was now at the hospital and it was 50/50 if it would survive or not.  I agreed to be its mother if it did survive.  Four days went by, and I assumed the cat didn't make it.  Finally, the hospital called me saying that the cat was alive, but that it was still bloody and in bad shape with worms, and it would never be able to walk on its leg and that I might want to put it down now.  I wasn't going to put this cat down after surviving for days!  The vet wanted permission to remove its leg since it was "impossible" for bones like this to heal.  I told the vet that I had seen things that were NOT possible be possible, and that I chose to believe that it was possible for his leg to heal.  Long story short, "Magic" never needed his 2nd deworming pill to kill the worms that would hatch AND he healed 100% and didn't even have a limp when he ran FAST on all four legs!  You can see him on my about me page.  Clearly bones like this CAN heal!!!

So from now on...........everything is possible when you believe it in your heart and every cell in your body!

What have you made possible when others said it wasn't????