Newsletter #26

Be an agent of change!

I recently finished watching the HBO series called Enlightened which was brought to my attention by my friend Howard.  I LOVED it so much even if I am crushed that it was only two short seasons.

Amy, the main character in the show is on a spiritual journey towards empowerment and standing up for what is right.  Her current situation is that she is totally in debt and living with her mother, YET after her return from a healing retreat where her awareness of "everything" was upgraded, she feels hope and more, and it is no longer OK for her to be an innocent bystander regarding many injustices in the world.

Watching this show as SO therapeutic for me because I sometimes feel like I am the only one on the animal rights train, or the environmental train etc.......

While Amy doesn't always show the healthiest boundaries with others, she tries to have conversations with people at work in hopes that she can create a new watchdog kind of job where she makes sure that the company isn't doing detrimental things to the planet and other people.  She is constantly being shut down time after time as her co-workers simply do not care about her passions and label her as crazy. The one person at work who kind of gets what she is saying is simply too stuck in fear to want to join forces with her.  

Amy is not willing to give up and she reaches out to a writer at the LA Times who TOTALLY supports her in her mission!  Its like therapy for her to have this support! In time, an article on how one woman (Amy) stood up to the corruption of a giant corporation is on the front page of the LA Times, and all the illegal activities of the company where she worked are totally exposed.  Amy for the first time feels peace and happiness as she stands up for what's right.  Its the first time in all the episodes where she drives like a calm person without bumping into something.  She doesn't care that she just lost her job while she is in debt.  She is on cloud nine knowing that she was an agent of change and did good in the world.  She truly feels AMAZING stepping into her power and doing what's best for all and THAT kind of frequency is priceless and crazy magnetic.

So I invite everyone to be an agent of change in whatever way you feel passion and of course, starting with yourself is huge!  THIS is the way the world evolves.  I can't tell you how many times people say things like "I can't believe you mentioned the Arcturians at your wedding" or "I can't believe you took away that smoker's box of cigarettes on the plane" (1996) or the most recent which was when an older guy who wanted to talk to me about my electric car said "I can't believe you are willing to admit that you won't even wear wool."  I was SHOCKED that he thought that I should be embarrassed about caring for the world, animals and being vegan.  These people have NO idea what the reality is behind the scenes and as Eckhart Tolle said, "awareness is the greatest agent for change" so speak your mind and spread the truth.  It TOTALLY deserves to be heard and you deserve to step into your power!!!