Newsletter #27

The Quantum Field of Possibilities!

This past week I witnessed an awesome "thingie" happen to a friend of mine who I will call X.  X texted me with crazy exciting news which X was thrilled about, but it also came with a concern of how X was going to afford this amazing opportunity.  To cut to the chase, I said "Don't answer this question as we want to keep the quantum field of possibilities wide open...........what would it look like if X was able to experience this great news with total ease?"

X texted back several texts saying things like "keeping that field wide open" and "so excited and joyful about this quantum field.  Life is amazing."  I was THRILLED because X could have easily sunken into "oh, gosh, what are the odds of that happening to me?" or "amazing things only happen to lucky people" etc.......YET, X was vibrating at such a high place of trust and curiosity even though nothing had changed".  It was SO awesome to witness that power.

The following day X texted me "still keeping that field open".......EVEN though her ask for help was totally denied.  Honestly -- it put me on such a high to see this spirit in X.  I wish X could bottle it up and sell it as its very human and common to drop to feelings of despair and hopelessness.  But not X...........

The next day???????
Wow -- all the stops were pulled out as a PERFECT and even WAY WAY WAY better solution came X's way.  I literally got the chills.  It was SOOOO awesome to experience this second hand even if it wasn't my life.  I felt SOOOO excited for X.  It was also the highlight of MY day -- not just X's!

This is very similar to my "I wonder how" newsletter where I wrote about my Joe Vitale experience where instead of being left brain and coming up with ways to make Y happen, we release it to the Universe since it knows best, and we follow our internal signs/instinct or heart connection.

Basically when Matrix Energetics uses these "What would it look like if" statements ( for more info), we are connecting with the Quantum Field of Possibilities (which is happening all the time actually).  We remain in a neutral state, open to all that is best for us.  For instance -- had X gone into victim mode saying or writing "oh, I don't know.....that sounds too good to be true."  THAT thought or written statement instantly collapses the wave of possibilities and creates a particle of "its not happening" or "its happening but with financial stress".  

I use these matrix energetic statements ALMOST daily!  I RARELY get headaches, but I did about 2 weeks ago and of course anytime we are feeling pain, it means that our energy flow is blocked for some reason, and our body is trying to communicate something to us.  So I said to my headache "What would it look like if you received all the validation and love that you need and deserve, so that up can feel and be at peace?"

Within 2 or 3 breaths -- the headache was gone!  Yep -- it was that easy!  So I invite you to experiment with the matrix energetics way or even check out one of their seminars if you can.  It's great stuff!  Its one of my MANY tools that I love!