Newsletter #24

A Message from the Leaves!

I can't believe that summer and veggie garden time has now turned into magical orange, red and yellow colors.  Somehow autumn simply happened!  While the fall is totally gorgeous, it can also be quite a bit of work.

As I finished my first day clearing the leaves, I was so proud of all the raking/electrical leaf blowing I had done as I could actually see green again.  It definitely feels great to see results of all your efforts!  HOWEVER, I woke up the following morning to an orange/yellow lawn!  You couldn't even tell that I had spent 5 minutes let alone a couple of hours with the leaves the prior day, and I caught myself having a human frustrated thought of "OMG, all that work for nothing."  

Luckily I caught myself and said "cancel!!!"  I quickly realized that I sounded like some people who complain that they are doing "the work" and their life doesn't shift fast like so and so's does. I instantly realized that this is the way its supposed to be and thought "all is well" as Louise Hay says!  If all the leaves came down at once -- it would be totally overwhelming.  Its no different than us only being able to process/clear/heal layer by layer, or bit by bit -- otherwise we will get sick if we try clear too much all at once.  So I started looking at things from a different angle and seeing ALL the many leaves that I had in my compost pile. I indeed DID do a lot to shift our property even if it didn't look that way at the current moment.  All that I did is STILL done, AND its a huge part of the final goal of getting all the leaves cleared.

So, if you are feeling like you have worked on clearing anger or X, Y and Z for a long time with still more to do -- its all good.  Every bit that you do reduces the charge on that emotion and of course, the less we have buried in our bodies, the healthier we are.  It's ALL a GREAT step in the right direction, and when that last leaf is cleared -- the green (or white depending on where you live) WILL show up in your life.  Some trees have 200 leaves to clear and others have 2000 and they are ALL great trees!

I myself have experienced huge magical shifts after one healing session, AND I have also worked on other issues for years!  In the big picture -- its a never ending journey no differently than not being able to ever read EVERY book that was written or play EVERY piece of music that was written.  Regardless of how much more there is to do -- all that we do to shift ourselves and raise our frequency goes into the collective consciousness for us all, so its ALL great and even benefits Earth as she totally wants to shift to the 5th dimension as well!  So keep moving forward and simply enjoy clearing the leaves as they come whether they are from this season or seasons in the past!

Happy gorgeous, magical fall!